DTN Addendum – RouteGuard

The following additional terms apply to the RouteGuard service:

1. Placing an order for RouteGuard service
1.1. Prior to each voyage for which the Customer wishes to use the RouteGuard service, the Customer must provide to DTN information relating to the proposed voyage and vessel (the “Voyage Information”). Voyage Information shall be submitted via the FleetGuard.pro web portal (https://www.fleetguard.pro/) using the login details provided by DTN. The Customer acknowledges that DTN (i) is reliant on the accuracy of the Voyage Information and (ii) accepts no liability for any defects in the provision of the RouteGuard service arising out of the provision of inaccurate Voyage Information.
1.2. The Voyage Information must be provided at least 48 hours before the time at which the Customer wishes to receive the RouteGuard service. While DTN may, at its discretion, provide the RouteGuard service in circumstances where the Voyage Information (or some of it) is provided less than 48 hours in advance, DTN reserves the right not to provide the RouteGuard service in such circumstances.
1.3. Each order of the RouteGuard service shall be confirmed by DTN by email to the address associated with the RouteGuard web portal login or to the email address from which the order was received. Unless such confirmation is queried by the Customer prior to commencement of the voyage, each order of the RouteGuard service received via the RouteGuard web portal using the Customer’s login details or by email from a domain owned or controlled by the Customer shall be binding on the Customer, unless DTN and the Customer have agreed alternative order protocols.
1.4. The Customer may (by email or via the RouteGuard web portal) cancel or amend an order for the RouteGuard service once DTN has started supplying such RouteGuard service. In the event of a cancelation or amendment, DTN reserves the right to charge pro rata for the RouteGuard service already provided up to cancelation or amendment.
2. Receipt and use of the RouteGuard service
2.1. Both DTN and the Customer will use reasonable endeavours to keep communication costs for transmission of the RouteGuard service from DTN to the Customer as low as possible (e.g. no costs via the Internet). The Customer shall be responsible for arranging any communications to individual vessels at its own expense. Where communications costs are incurred by DTN (for example costs for transmission to the office or communication-hub of the Customer or satellite communication costs to the Customer’s vessels) the Customer will reimburse DTN those costs immediately on demand.
2.2. DTN does not control the E-mail white lists under the Customer’s vessel(s) nor the selected communication channel which the vessel uses to collect the RouteGuard files. To ensure timely delivery of the requested SPOS/RouteGuard files, the vessel’s E-mail system must have the domains properly registered (“white listed”), as listed below. Failure to do so will result in non-delivery of the files from shore to ship by the vessel’s E-mail provider or an invoice from DTN for additional charges in relation to the cost of sending the files to the vessel via the e-mail account of DTN.
Domains to be whitelisted:
2.3. The Customer acknowledges that the RouteGuard service is not a navigation tool and the master of each vessel remains responsible at all times for navigation of the vessel.
2.4. All RouteGuard files sent to the Customer contain waypoints for the relevant voyage. Each voyage’s route and associated waypoints are assembled by making use of an ECDIS system.  This is intended to indicate the optimum route for the relevant voyage as determined by weather forecasts from the DTN forecasters and mariners.  These waypoints are not intended and should not be interpreted as the final or approved safe route, which remains the sole responsibility of the master of the vessel.  The Customer acknowledges that DTN will not be responsible for any errors and omissions of these waypoints.