DTN Hits New Agriculture Weather Station Milestone

DTN announced today that it now has more than 5,500 Ag Weather Stations in its network across the United States and Canada.

Since introducing the service five years ago, DTN Ag Weather Station network has been the foundation of the largest commercially operated, most accurate weather station network delivering actionable insights to the agriculture community.

The DTN Ag Weather Station network takes field-level weather and agronomy information to the next level by combining highly localized forecasts and alerts with critical weather and agronomic data. Equipped with this industry leading information, farmers can better time harvest, manage costs, and prepare fields for next season.

DTN Ag Weather Stations are placed directly in fields to gather crop and field condition data, providing the most-accurate and dependable weather information for their operation. With actionable weather insights delivered right from the field, farmers can:

  • Plan harvest activities
  • Target fall fertilizer applications
  • Get advanced alerts to frost/freeze conditions

DTN’s award-winning ag weather team of meteorologists utilize the data from its extensive weather network to deliver highly localized forecasts to farmers daily and hourly. For 10 consecutive years, DTN has had the most accurate temperature and precipitation forecasts than any other weather service provider in North America, according to ForecastWatch.com.

“Weather is one of the biggest risk factors that a farmer deals with each day,” said Kip Pendleton, senior vice president of the DTN Agriculture business. “It can mean the difference between crop success and disappointment. The nearest weather reporting station might be dozens of miles away, which can greatly impact the accuracy and relevancy of the information. The DTN Ag Weather Station network helps eliminate guess work and provides farmers with accurate, up-to-the-minute knowledge of conditions throughout their operations right from their own fields. DTN delivers actionable weather insights that enable farmers to make critical decisions.”