DTN Offers Intermarket Spread Capabilities in New Version of DTN ProphetX iOS App

DTN ProphetX, the comprehensive trading solution, will now be available as a high end mobile application. Through an iPhone or iPad, DTN ProphetX iOS provides access to key real-time market data and trading utilities for on-the-go traders. This user-focused application offers a modernized look and feel with enhanced functionality – making smarter and more insightful trading possible while on-the-go.

A Modern Look for iOS
In addition to multiple performance upgrades which enhance mobile efficiency, the new iOS app will open with a modernized look and feel. With the ability for users to customize the format and layout of the app to fit their needs, DTN ProphetX’s new mobile updates provide a simplistic and user-friendly experience.

Similar to other popular mobile apps, the new DTN ProphetX iOS update allows users to incorporate this easy-to-navigate app into their busy lifestyles.

Enhanced Functionality
DTN ProphetX iOS now allows intermarket spread capabilities that competitors do not offer. Incorporating this data set into the app enables traders to understand differences in prices for intermarket assets over the course of specified time periods. For example, a trader could purchase May corn from one exchange and sell corn in the same year from another intermarket exchange, with the goal of their long position increasing in price and the short position falling in price.

Additionally, functionality upgrades have evolved from quotes to include comprehensive news and customizable charts. Traders now have the ability to personalize input, analyze market information and act from their mobile device. Access to these capabilities with the freedom to ditch the desk allows for more profitable decisions – no matter the location.

Why DTN ProphetX iOS
Schneider Electric’s unmatched, real-time trading intelligence is backed by industry leading market data, setting the standard for trading solutions. The trading tools in DTN ProphetX are second to none – and are now available on-the-go through iOS. With added functionality for the mobile app, the essential news and charting capabilities position DTN ProphetX iOS as the paramount trading tool. Now more comprehensive than ever, mobile analysis with iOS reinforces that DTN ProphetX is not just a desktop solution.

What’s Next for the iOS app?

  • Mobile alerts
  • Increased integration of the cloud for synchronization with the trader’s desktop client
  • Continued refinement of the trader’s mobile experience