DTN to Launch New Version of DTN Guardian3 at Stock Expo

The latest release of DTN Guardian3 delivers configurability, speed and integrated reporting functions to its industry-leading terminal automation system (TAS). DTN Guardian3’s updates provide several new configuration options, catering to variables at the terminal and customer preferences. In conjunction with these added options, upgraded application operations inside DTN Guardian3 increase system efficiency and flexibility.

As a leader in downstream automation, DTN is constantly retooling its automated solutions to meet customer needs. With this highly flexible module, DTN Guardian3 users can protect the terminal and control their product with an out-of-the-box solution to streamline and normalize processes.

Greater Configurability
The latest version of DTN Guardian3 brings flexibility to users and customers in order to meet various business demands. Added capabilities allow users to:

  • Implement flex fields and customized prompts to tailor DTN Guardian3 to the operation, not the other way around
  • Specify language, date and time formatting by driver, allowing them to pre-set preferences independent from Windows and Oracle
  • Utilize split loading functions, making it easier for drivers to load multiple compartments for different customers on a single truck
  • Customize and automate any reports the business might need through a fully integrated reporting engine

Equipped with added flexibility, terminal operators can better meet the unique business demands of customers and take the reins of their operational efficiency. DTN Guardian3’s highly customizable configuration module works to accommodate numerous industry standards by allowing cohesion with a variety of cases – all with one type of TAS software.