Thought Leadership Summit

DTN and Argus Media have partnered to create this special “Thought Leadership Summit” designed to exchange ideas and share perspectives on the latest trends in the fuel and energy industry.

Join us as Scott Berhang and Brian Milne share their perspectives on the latest trends in the fuel business, including a shift toward alternate fuels like Renewable Diesel. Because as the landscape changes, new opportunities are created for fuel distributors.

A true industry veteran, Scott Berhang started his career in downstream fuels in 1981. During a long tenure with OPIS, Scott held several roles including Managing Editor, Conference Director, and Vice President of Global Sales. Scott currently works as Vice President, Downstream Road Fuels for Argus Media.

A 27-year veteran, Brian Milne has delivered dozens of energy market presentations and been a featured market expert for media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, USA Today, CNN, and other major news outlets. Brian currently works as an Analyst and Editor for DTN.

Date: 03/08/2024 - 03/08/2024

Location: Houston, TX

Booth: The Iris Room, The Westin at The Woodlands

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