DTN ProphetX® Energy Edition

Make better energy trades with proprietary data and easy-to-use tools

DTN ProphetX Energy Edition gives you the advantage by combining our proprietary DTN FastRacks® rack prices, weather insights, and current market data with advanced analytics and an industry-leading Excel Add-in tool.


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What’s new in DTN ProphetX Energy Edition

We’re committed to delivering continuous, leading-edge innovation. Check out the latest updates including:

ProphetX Platinum Weather
We are now the largest global provider of weather data and forecasts. Gain access to daily weather reports, ECMWF model graphics, historical and forecast degree-day data, and much more, by choosing our DTN ProphetX® Platinum option.

New Content
DTN Temperature Correction Index, CEPEA ethanol data, NGI data, and crude oil postings from Coffeyville, Ergon, Flint Hills, and Hunt.

Get trusted data
on a single platform

Easily identify your
best trading opportunities

Save time & effort
in your research
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Proprietary data:

  • DTN FastRacks — provides fuel rack prices from more than 1,900 U.S. and Canadian terminals
  • DTN ProphetX Platinum Weather – leverage historical and daily forecasts
  • DTN Temperature Correction Index – the best source for true terminal product temperature insights at the rack

Mobile access:

  • Get anytime, anywhere access to the critical market information you need

Excel Add-in:

  • Export and upload data into your proprietary models using the industry’s leading tool

Top-notch customer service:

  • Get knowledgeable, courteous support from Sunday 5 p.m. to Friday 6 p.m. CT
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Data flexibility:

  • Easily export valuable data through DTN ProphetX’s powerful Excel Add-in tool
  • Quickly integrate mid and back-office data throughout your organization using a variety of methods, such as FTP & API
  • Compatible with all of the major E/CTRM solutions — supporting market and proprietary data integration


  • Historical and forecast weather data is included
  • Get the level of access you need at the right cost for your budget
  • When cost is a concern, DTN ProphetX provides the industry’s best analytics and value — without sacrificing LIVE, professional customer service

Single-platform ease:

  • Easily access data from a wide variety of sources using a single solution — saving you time and allowing you to quickly leverage valuable insights
  • Avoid the delays and lack of reliability that often come from using disparate systems
  • Be able to quickly identify and make better trades — supporting greater profits

When you choose ProphetX you're making the choice for an industry-leading real-time intelligence platform that gives you the edge to compete at any level.

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