Future Radar WSO Enhancement

Get the latest and most accurate radar data with our latest WeatherSentry® enhancements to future radar. Available now on all versions, these updates give you more information and better visualization of radar data. Future Radar gives a 90-minute forecast projection in 5-minute intervals – giving decision-makers the information they need to make the right call when wet weather is on the way. Here’s a brief look at the enhancements.


Higher Resolution

This release increases the bin resolution of current radar mosaics from 5 dBZ to 1dBZ. Very light precipitation events, including situations when precipitation might not be hitting the surface, are now visible with the enhanced radar mosaic visualization.

High Resolution

1 dBZ resolution compared to 5dBZ


Better Visualization

Additionally, the radar color palate has been updated to be consistent across all radars, including Radarscope®. The change in color palate and reflectivity enables you to better see the transition and an accurate resolution between rain, snow and ice.

Better Visualization

New color palette

Color Legend

Legend updates


Expanded Horizons

Our expanded coverage for future radar includes all regions where we have radar coverage (North America, Europe, Japan and Australia) with a 90-minute forecast projection. This delivers more global data about where and when precipitation will occur.

Expanded Horizons

*These updates do not impact the PrecipTimer function.

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