View weather lists that calculate and highlight differences between current and previous forecasts over time. Lists total those changes over a 15-day period for the daily symbols.

Easily view and analyze observed, forecasted and historical weather data in graphic format.

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Feature details

  • Our weather models now include European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and Global Forecast System (GFS) ensemble & operational forecasts, showing site-specific temperatures and precipitation — including averages & normals.
  • Ag crop-weighted and growing degree days for orange juice, corn, cotton, rice, soybeans, and winter and spring wheat.
  • Greater customization of our weather templates and pages, based on the new features.

What you get

  • Elementized Weather for both the ag and energy markets, via the DTN ProphetX desktop and web services solutions.
  • Available to DTN ProphetX Platinum Package desktop users as part of their monthly subscription cost or as a la carte service in the DTN ProphetX Web Services platform.