Quick Access to Organic Commodity Prices Made Possible by Mercaris Partnership with DTN

DTN’s ProphetX solution will offer organic commodities data with The Mercaris Report

Mercaris, a market data service and online trading platform for organic, non-GMO and certified agricultural commodities, announces a partnership with DTN, a leading provider of insights and solutions, to provide ProphetX subscribers with exclusive market data and insights.

Mercaris’ market data provides up-to-date, accurate information about organic and non-GMO commodities, delivering improved visibility over market conditions and better enabling industry professionals to make critical business decisions. The company’s offering will be available within DTN’s ProphetX solution, which delivers market data, analysis and news in the energy and agricultural supply chains.

“DTN’s long-standing reputation of providing reliable and actionable market intelligence creates a natural partnership opportunity between Mercaris and DTN to better equip and positively impact the agriculture industry,” comments Kellee James, Founder and CEO, Mercaris.

The partnership offers DTN ProphetX subscribers the ability to add the Mercaris dataset for an additional monthly fee. The Mercaris Report allows subscribers to compare prices for organic corn, soybeans and wheat side-by-side with corresponding conventional market prices at weekly or monthly frequencies, dating back to January 2015.

“There’s an incredible demand for market data in the agriculture industry as producers, agribusinesses and more seek a deeper understanding of the commodity markets,” adds Sara Hordinski, Senior Vice President of Financial Analytics, DTN. “Mercaris’ tailored intelligence around organic and non-GMO commodities will bring a new level of understanding to our customers who rely on ProphetX for their commodity market insights.”

Launching today for ProphetX subscribers, The Mercaris Report is available for $199 per month and subscribers can enjoy a 30-day free trial which provides access to 30-day rolling historical data. To learn more about The Mercaris Report, visit mercaris.com.