DTN TIMS® Journal ID

Faster reconciliation = Faster revenue

Stop wasting time on long, error-prone manual reconciliation. With the new Journal ID from DTN, you can automatically identify all custody tickets and eBOLs tied to an inventory balance with a single ID. Plus, you can organize all supplier inventory movement over a span of days, instantly, to align with your accounting calendar.


Easier, efficient reconciliation

  • Group all supplier data by date
  • Match all eBOLs and custody tickets to an inventory balance using a single ID
  • Retrieve data for a day, month or entire year
  • Automatically identify data that pertains to a reconciliation period, regardless of supplier
  • Data is normalized into a single XML feed
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Rapid invoicing and payments

  • No more payment delays due to error or lost time
  • Easy integration into existing accounting systems
  • Reduce the labor hours necessary for reconciliation
  • No need to go to multiple supplier portals to get your data
  • Reconcile more often, faster
  • Faster billing means faster revenue realization

Unlock the power of your data with DTN TIMS® Journal ID

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Journal ID is a brand-new addition to our industry-leading DTN TIMS platform. Request a demo, and see how DTN can improve the reconciliation process in your business.