DTN Fuel Admin™

Automate your eBOL data with DTN Fuel Admin to save time and money.

The use of electronic bills of lading (eBOLs) has made shipping and storing fuel much more efficient in recent years. They help eliminate errors, accelerate customer invoicing and receivables collection, automate and streamline processes, and more. But the volume of data coming in can be overwhelming. And with suppliers using different formats, it is difficult for you to integrate the data into your back-office systems.


Streamline the flow of eBOL data into your back-office programs.

In recent years, the availability of eBOL data has more than tripled. It is often accessible within minutes of a load being loaded at the terminal. The challenge is that eBOLs often come from a wide variety of sources, arrive in numerous formats, and use inconsistent codes and terminology. Due to this enormous amount of varied data, more and more fuel marketers need back-office software providers to support eBOL integration. DTN Fuel Admin provides you with:

  • Automated Integration – Streamline the flow of eBOL data into customer accounting systems and support full integration with your back office.
  • Immediate Accessibility – DTN Fuel Admin gathers, aggregates, formats, and cross-references eBOLs, making them accessible within minutes.
  • Simplified Data Entry – The Fuel Admin integration into your back office eliminates the need to deal with multiple data formats.
  • Customizable Fields – Make the fields in the software fit your content needs, no matter what back-office system you use.
  • User-friendly Dashboard –  The DTN solution provides a unique dashboard view with a simple, robust user interface.


Save time and boost your profit with DTN Fuel Admin.

Customers who use DTN Fuel Admin often save thousands of dollars in upfront costs. They substantially reduce their ongoing maintenance of mapping data. And they benefit from accelerated billing processes, enhanced efficiency, reduced person-hours, and added profit. With the Fuel Admin solution, you will be able to:

  • Work Efficiently – The Fuel Admin product seamlessly integrates the various code formats into your back-office system. Save your staff hours of time sifting through the data.
  • Scale for Your Needs –  DTN Fuel Admin can scale to handle as many transactions and order management and invoicing processes as your business requires.
  • Invoice Quickly –  Invoicing is much simpler and faster because it’s integrated fully with your back office. It also tracks and manages transactions across states, helping to make tax reporting easier. Pay invoices faster, and retrieve supplier invoices for future use.
  • Avoid Discrepancies – The software alerts you to any invoice discrepancies instantly and identifies missing BOLs right away.

Electronic bills of lading have added a great deal of efficiency to the fuel selling industry. DTN Fuel Admin takes these efficiencies to the next level, saving terminals even more time and money.

Fuel Admin is easy to use, scales to handle as many processes as your business requires, and archives documents for recall when you need them. Save time and money while you boost your bottom line. Reach out to the DTN team today to get started.

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