Rural Americans Remain Confident in Their Support of President Trump

In a recent DTN/The Progressive Farmer Zogby Analytics poll, rural Americans expressed their continued support for President Donald Trump. Zogby asked rural residents if, given a chance, they would cast their ballots differently than they had in 2016. More than 70% said no. Further, the Zogby survey shows support for Republican candidates, for President Trump, himself, and for his trade policies.

Two years ago, DTN/The Progressive Farmer conducted a Zogby poll, which showed similar results for rural voters. With only weeks remaining before the 2016 presidential election, that Zogby poll showed Trump leading opponent Hillary Clinton by nearly 2-to-1 among voting rural residents and farmers.

“It appears that rural America continues to be more conservative than urban areas; our poll reinforced this notion,” said Dan Miller, senior editor with DTN/The Progressive Farmer. “Rural Americans polled continue to favor President Trump’s policies and may be more likely to vote Republican in the upcoming midterm election.”

In addition to showing support for President Trump, 45% of participants in the poll are satisfied with the direction the Trump administration is taking farm policy. Only 30%, however, believe that President Trump devotes enough attention to rural America, while only 9% of respondents believe that Congress does. Overall, 72% of respondents indicated that issues that affect their farm are more important to them than political party.

“As we’ve seen previously, rural Americans vote for candidates they believe will positively impact their farms and businesses, regardless of party,” Miller said. “With their support of President Trump and his farm policies, it is possible that the Republican Party will fare well this November.”

The full report from the DTN/The Progressive Farmer Zogby Analytics poll is available in the October issue of The Progressive Farmer.