Store Performance welcomes DTN as weather partner for its SAM AI project

Weather context drives in-store digital promotion.

Weather influences consumer behaviour. Weather insight drives demand planning to ensure fast food, coffee and convenience stores have the right product available at the right time for their consumers. However, weather changes constantly and much in-store promotion is seasonal, estate wide and scheduled. This is because delivering contextual weather promotions at scale, in-store is complex.

Store Analysis Machine (SAM) was created to solve this problem by triggering contextual promotions based on current weather, event, demographic and other data sources on in-store digital menus, kiosks, or drive-thru menus in each site.

Store Performance has partnered with DTN, a leading data, analytics and technology company, for its InnovateUK co-funded SAM Artificial Intelligence (SAM AI) project that adds machine learning to the analysis of in-store promotion at scale. SAM AI allows “active experimentation” across an entire estate to deliver the right message with the right copy at the right time on a site by site basis. Store Performance is looking for participants in the customer discovery phase of this project, details of the project and an application form can be found at

Tim Butler, Director Store Performance said “DTN is the gold standard in real-time weather analytics. We are excited to add this capability to SAM and SAM AI project. Allowing hospitality operators to flex their promotions around current weather conditions should optimise their revenues as the doors re-open.”

“At DTN we are committed to providing operational intelligence to support confident decisions,” said Marc Chesover, DTN President. “In this instance, we are providing our weather intelligence, through radar and point forecast solutions, to help Store Performance’s customers make timely weather-based decisions that can help increase revenue.”

About Store Performance

Real time in-store promotion experts formed to help Quick Service Restaurants, Coffee Chains and Convenience Stores improve their Customer Experience using the latest digital technology.

Store Analysis Machine (SAMTM) is an in-store service that measures, monitors and captures data from multiple sources, and then analyses the data to promote product in and out of the store.

Store Analysis Machine Artificial Intelligence (SAM AITM) is an ‘always learning’ solution that combines multiple data insights to produce optimal promotion in each store. This is an Innovate UK co-funded project.

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