The MDSS Mobile App

Every subscription to pavement forecast software from Iteris includes access to the web-based software, as well as the maintenance decision support system (MDSS) mobile app. Our app has many of the features of the full website on an easy-to-use mobile platform available for both Android and Apple.

MDSS Mobile App Home

Power in Your Hands

The app is an easy way to view observations and forecasts, including forecast sites and routes, airports, roadway sensors, and cameras while you are on the go. Your favorite, nearby and recently viewed sites will appear on the homepage when you first log into the app.

Prepare & Report

Check the app to see when your next recommended maintenance action is, this way you will know if you must head into work early or if you can sleep in! Submit manual maintenance, weather and road reports via the app while you’re out of the shop. Reporting information about your maintenance and the conditions you drive through help to improve weather and pavement forecasts.

Stay Informed

A loop of 24-hour past and future radar can be viewed in 10-minute or hourly intervals, so you can see where the storm was, is and may be in the future. Road, weather, blowing snow and maintenance alerts are available for every route or site in your agency, as well as all risk maps (for example road and bridge frost likelihood). View information and 10-day forecasts from all types of observation and forecast sites in table format.

With the MDSS mobile app, you have the power of ClearPath Weather in your hands whenever you need it.