WeatherSentry Updates Offer More Customized Solutions

DTN WeatherSentry®, the weather solution customized for business users across multiple industries, continually makes improvements that help customers make confident weather-critical decisions. With the latest launch of new features for public safety and event customers, users have more customized options based on their weather needs.

Event Scheduler empowers customers to schedule their own WeatherOps MetWatch service for events. This new add-on subscription service allows users to purchase event “credits” for premium meteorologist monitoring and alerting for their shorter duration events.

The Daily Planner feature helps customers understand and visualize weather based on their weather needs. Information is delivered in multiple formats at variable and multiple times per day and is color-coded based on customize forecast settings.

dtn weathersentry daily planner

Historically, customers needed to contact customer support to receive archived lightning reports.  Now, with the new self-service subscription model, users can purchase the option to pull the reports directly from WeatherSentry and customize the reports based on location, time and date and other lightning specific attributes.

These, along with other WeatherSentry upgrades, such as the recent addition of advanced radar and display technology, enable customers to make better, more informed decisions regarding outdoor safety, logistics, planning, scheduling and preparedness. Click here to learn more about the new features and enhancements in WeatherSentry. Learn more about WeatherSentry Public Safety Edition here.