Husker Harvest Days 2019

news insights husker harvest 2019

Join us at Husker Harvest Days, September 10-12. Get fresh ideas, see the best in agriculture, and reset and recharge for 2020.

DTN 2019 Ag Summit

news insight dtn ag summit 2019

Join DTN lead analyst Todd Hultman when he share his insights and tips for how to get the good crop prices year after year even through these bearish times.

With love from Pam and Lucy

Today, we bring you a story about Lucy, a pure-bred Golden Retriever who shared her first home with University of Illinois fraternity brothers, and Pam Smith, DTN Crops Technology Senior Editor.

DTN in the News: Barron’s

golden ripe corn close-up autumn

Barron’s: There Is Turmoil in Agriculture. Here’s What Investors Need to Know. Volatility in the ag markets isn’t great for investors, as it makes it more difficult to value stocks tied to agriculture.

Insects that are more Friend than Foe

lacewing close-up on green leaf

The word “insect” equals “pest” in a lot of people’s minds, especially in agriculture. But we have to remember that the insects that attack crops actually represent a small number of all insect species. In fact, a few are here to help us against their annoying cousins. So this week, I want to highlight some insects that are more friend than foe.