Utilities Utilize Collaboration, Technology During Extreme Events

Tropical storm rolls in over city power supply

Extreme weather events are increasing, and utilities and customers alike are feeling the impact. According to Climate Central, the United States has experienced a 67% increase in major power outages from weather-related events since 2000, a trend predicted to continue as extreme weather events increase in frequency. “Utilities spend a lot of time during the

Impact of Demand on Crude Prices

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We cannot overestimate how essential oil is to the economy. It is one of the most essential commodities in the world. The crude oil market has a significant impact on many other markets across the globe. At the end of September, crude prices are up more than 85% over 2020, and demand for crude oil continues to grow as society begins to recover from the pandemic.

What Does Demand Destruction Mean for Downstream Oil and Gas?

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Supply and demand are the foundations of a free-market economy and are simple to understand. In an open market, demand is the amount of a product consumers want to purchase at a given price. On the other hand, supply is how much producers are willing to create and sell within that same price range.

Pros & Cons of Selling Branded vs. Unbranded Fuel

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When you enter the fuel industry, there is an important questions to consider: “Will I sell branded or unbranded fuel?” There are distinct advantages and disadvantages of each option. It is essential to fully understand those differences and their implications before starting your business.

Factors That Influence Prices At The Pump

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No matter where you live, the price of gasoline impacts your life on a daily basis. While the price at the pump affects us all, businesses in the downstream fuels industry have many factors to consider when determining gas prices.

Brent Crude vs. WTI Crude Markets – What Defines Them

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Despite the many advancements in technology in recent years, our society remains largely reliant on crude oil. From the transportation industry to heating to petrochemical feedstock, oil plays a prominent role in our daily lives. It’s no wonder, then, that crude oil is one of the most actively traded commodities.