Critical Price Assessments with the DTN Excel Add-In

DTN ProphetX’s price assessment tool is second to none for better market analysis in this ever-changing industry. With it, industry professionals can make more profitable decisions with innovative analysis, unmatched trading intelligence, and up-to-the-minute insight into market-moving events. It’s time to maximize profits with a host of innovative analysis and price assessment tools – let’s walk through how.

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One function of the DTN ProphetX and the Excel toolbar is to help industry professionals hone in on the logistics of a Request for Proposal (RFP). The analysis process can be arduous and take precious time away from hardworking business owners. But with DTN ProphetX, you are able to perform quick analysis, management, and quoting of all RFPs.

When using the toolbar, one of the most helpful features in the Excel toolbar is charting. Charting allows the user to quickly analyze what they have in front of them, access all of their indexes, view historical data, and look at any other markets in the area. The Excel Add-in tool can provide a variety of scenarios with quick access to historical data. There is no need to bounce from spreadsheet to a primary analysis screen when the built-in toolbar allows data to be shared in one space.

The index quote, the complexity of the formulas, and the offers around contracts can be very difficult to analyze and understand for optimized results. The DTN ProphetX tool offers the historical data needed to make smarter decisions.

The steps to locating historical data include:

  1. Selecting the cell in your spreadsheet to drop the data
  2. Choose how the history data should be displayed in the spreadsheet
  3. Select which fields are being used
  4. Choose a data range for the historical time period
  5. Select which suppliers you are interested in and date interval for supplier price comparison averages

The Excel Add-in toolbar for DTN ProphetX provides industry professionals better analysis and price assessment tools. The toolbar does not have an effect on regular Excel features, and all calculations combine seamlessly with input data. The value of DTN ProphetX’s price assessment tool is second to none, as it allows users to:

  • Streamline manual input
  • Harness industry-leading data
  • Tap into key historical trends and predictions
  • Make more profitable decisions

With DTN ProphetX’s program flexibility, traders can ensure that their information is the most useful and influential for the maximization of profits. From the initial download, the Excel Add-in for DTN ProphetX better enables users to analyze the market in this ever-changing industry.