DTN Connects Ag Businesses with Customers Online

DTN Content Services supports agribusinesses’ online presence and provides their customers with access to independent, actionable insights.

DTN, the leading provider of agricultural insights and data, has launched DTN Content Services, which enables agribusinesses to integrate DTN insights and content into their own digital presence. The solution supports their websites and mobile apps with unmatched markets, news, and weather information, which their customers value.

“Agribusinesses are working to differentiate themselves online and keep their customers returning to their websites,” said Mark Holland, chief operating officer and senior vice president of agriculture at DTN. “DTN Content Services supports these businesses with seamless access to DTN weather and industry insights that they can share with their customers through their own branded websites. We also offer premium insights and widgets that can be hosted behind a paywall and used to further drive customer loyalty.”

With DTN Content Services, agribusinesses can attract producers, drive customer loyalty, and increase engagement. The solution is both highly customizable and easy to implement. Once integrated, agribusinesses can feature valuable market data, award-winning editorial content, and highly-accurate weather forecasts from DTN. They can also display their own cash bid data and charts. Advanced, premium widgets deliver greater interactivity and expanded insights.

“One of the most important things we do at DTN is ensure that our farmers constantly have access to solutions and content that will help them prosper. DTN Content Services is an opportunity to bring our unmatched insights and information to them through our trusted agribusiness customers. This solution helps both groups to prosper,” Holland said.