Is Oil and Gas Industry Training Right for You?

The terms single-earner income and financial stability sound mutually exclusive for many people today. It has become increasingly difficult for a single person to pay their bills and save for the future at the same time. If this sounds like your experience, it might be time to consider oil and gas industry training.

Wages across most sectors have been stagnant in recent years. Energy industries, however, routinely offer high salaries. Americans with bachelor’s degrees can expect to bring home just under $61,000 each year. Comparatively, some of the top energy companies pay their workers an average salary of $200,000.

Even in a difficult economic landscape, the oil and gas industry provides a path to achieving the American dream. Contact DTN today to learn about their oil and gas industry training. From webinars to full certification courses, we have options to fit your needs.

What Careers Are Available in the Oil and Gas Industry?

The energy industry is a massive and nuanced arena. As such, there is a tremendous variety of job opportunities. From mechanical engineers to geologists, there are endless jobs in this career field. And many of them don’t require a college degree.

Some of the career options include:

  • Truckdriver
  • Salesperson
  • Refinery Worker
  • Land Agent
  • Geoscientist
  • Safety Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Oil Rig Worker
  • Pipeline Control Center Operator
  • Welder
  • Marketing
  • Commodity Trading

The oil and gas industry also allows plenty of chances to learn and grow in the field. You can advance as you receive training and watch your salary rise along with you. Expanding your skillset will allow you to prosper in this industry. If you take advantage of the training opportunities, you won’t find yourself in a dead-end job.

Whether you are just starting or want to expand your knowledge, industry-specific training will set you up for success. You can try stand-alone classes or full certification courses. The gas and oil industry understands the value of its people, and it rewards you for your training.

Oil and Gas Industry Training Options

There are many ways to earn a living in the energy world. And there are also a lot of ways to get started. Some workers have a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree in hand. Jobs such as mechanical engineering will require that level of training.

But some careers are available straight out of high school. And others are attainable with some online or onsite training and certification.

Many training choices are progressive, allowing you to master one set of skills before moving on in the course. And with online options, you often can work at your pace. This situation is ideal for those who have full-time jobs and are completing their training in their spare time.

Competency paths such as those from DTN courses may even allow you to customize your training. Are you pursuing a career in a particular sector or with a certain company? It’s a good idea to ask what training they accept.

Many jobs in the energy industries allow you to start through apprentice and journeyman programs. Apprenticeship training in the oil and gas industry is an excellent way to get your foot in the door. It will open up high-earning career options for you.

Training for Industry Outsiders

Not all in the oil and gas industry started out there. Many workers have backgrounds in sales, marketing, operations, and project management. These skills can transfer to the energy arena with some specialized training. Webinars and stand-alone classes will help you pivot your skillset into a new role.

Many people work in an industry that runs alongside the oil and gas world. Training in the fundamentals of how this massive sector of the economy operates is valuable. Everyone from a financial reporter to the local gas station owner can benefit from learning about the industry.

For those who want to learn some basics, fundamental courses are available on-demand. You can pick and choose what you’d like to learn and when. Be sure to look for reputable options that utilize experts to do the teaching.

Even those in the very early stages of learning the industry can find excellent training. In particular, commodity trading in the energy sector is alluring to many people. And it always makes sense to get as much information as possible about any new career choices.

Workplace Training

Oil and gas industry training isn’t just for individuals, either. If you are looking for classes for your entire office, consider onsite training. These courses are the key to success since they expand your workforce’s understanding of the oil and gas industry. The flexible training schedule works with the needs of your office.

Onsite courses offer a cost-effective way to make sure your employees have current industry information. When your workforce is up-to-date on best practices, you can run a better and more profitable business. And an educated workforce in the oil and gas industry benefits everyone.

Sometimes you only need to target a few employees for continuing education or specialized training. In these cases, online or live-streaming options might be the right fit.

The DTN Institute Is Ready to Serve and Educate

Is oil and gas industry training right for you? If you want to work in a career where you can move up the ladder and make an excellent living, then it just may be. If you’re worried about stagnant wages in the face of a growing cost-of-living, then you should take a look.

DTN has courses to cover everything from oil and gas fundamentals to trading to technical analysis. And to fit your lifestyle, we offer online, in-person, and live-streaming educational opportunities. There are no obstacles to your ability to learn and grow in this industry.

The energy sector isn’t going away. The oil and gas industry can offer the path of least resistance to wealth and prosperity. Simply put, it creates a road to achieving the American dream for a lot of people. Contact DTN today to learn the skills you need to prosper to The Nth Degree.