Identify new opportunities and maximize profitability



Accurately calculate market share
Easily assess the effectiveness of your campaigns on a market-by-market basis with segmented daily demand data.


Volume-weighted settlements are now possible
Quickly calculate demand on pipes or regions supplied out of any spot market, factoring interday price and volume volatility into OTC settlements.


Maximize profits with predictive models
Better identify the markets that will yield your highest returns with product values and daily demand figures to support statistical price/demand correlations.


Avoid run-outs and be more proactive
Stay ahead of potential problems and ensure timely deliveries by efficiently monitoring daily liftings in critical markets.

“On-the-spot gasoline consumption figures would change the way oil markets trade, because it is the holy grail of metrics.”

Patrick DeHaan Head of petroleum analysis, GasBuddy


Demand data without context is meaningless

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