DTN RoadMaster Adds New Weather Layers to Dashboard

New features help make critical weather decisions in any season

Winter road maintenance is all about balancing traffic safety and operational efficiency. Mild winters can create even more uncertainty due to the inconsistent temperatures on any stretch of the road. Treating roads too late can lead to accidents and traffic jams. Unnecessary treatment of roads will result in high costs and potential environmental damage because of chemicals being used during road treatments.

The new map layers in DTN RoadMaster can help road managers find the right balance by seeing precisely the forecasted condition on any part of their road network. The new layers allow users to view a route-based forecast, such as the hourly surface temperatures and road conditions, and the daily lowest surface temperatures and worst road conditions across their specific maintenance area. The new feature further enhances the RoadMaster multilayer map, which presents RWIS measurements, camera and satellite images, weather maps and precipitation radar for your maintenance area. Road Weather Forecasts are delivered up to eight days in advance.

RoadMaster is the online weather portal that road maintenance decision makers trust to help secure road safety in all types of weather conditions – whether that is gritting decisions, the type and amount of chemical to use, tracking and validating decisions, or planning resources. Our Route-Based Forecast provides location-specific information — along a gritting route and for each route in total. This is a critical feature in mild winter conditions with temperatures from time to time around freezing, resulting in harder decisions than in case temperatures drop far below freezing. And when in doubt, RoadMaster customers can obtain personal advice from meteorologists with extensive road-specific experience.

Learn more about RoadMaster and see why road managers and road contractors working for municipalities, provinces or national highways depend on it to secure road safety and operational efficiency.