DTN Upgrades its Aviation Weather Solution, AviationSentry

Pilots, helicopter operators, and others in the aviation industry now have more aviation weather insights at their fingertips, thanks to significant updates in DTN AviationSentry. The weather app provides real-time access to critical weather information to exclusive flight hazard data, including icing, turbulence and thunderstorm activity. These updates continue to ensure our aviation customers have the most up-to-date information needed to choose the fastest and safest route, while reducing costly redirects and canceled flights.

Aircraft-specific Icing Forecasts

Icing accrete or builds up differently based on the type of wing and size of aircraft. That is why AviationSentry has aircraft-specific icing forecasts at five flight levels for helicopter. This upgrade includes three new levels for our existing small, medium and large fixed wing aircraft. The 50% increase in icing flight level availability allows operators to better assess icing conditions for their aircraft.

Enhanced Turbulence forecasts

Turbulence-related injuries, delays and cancellations cost the aviation industry more than $1 billion annually. Limited knowledge of the location and severity of turbulence often restricts using large blocks of airspace. Our aviation customers want more information to make time-critical decisions about route plans and turbulence avoidance. Therefore, AviationSentry turbulence forecasts provide insights for a precise area and time with an integrated view of three different types of turbulence: boundary layer, mountain wave and clear air. Specific Eddy Dissipation Rate values are also provided and can be applied to any aircraft’s airframe-specific thresholds.

Enhanced Thunderstorm Forecasts

Our enhanced flight hazards forecasts include thunderstorm forecasts for a very precise area and time period. As with our turbulence and icing forecasts, we offer multiple forecast periods to support enhanced planning and following of flights — both before and after departure. We also provide maximum top values, as well as insight into the intensity of the storms. Customers can make critical operational decisions faster with the increased forecast resolution and increased number of global flight hazard forecasts (moving from every three hours to every hour). All of this helps pilots avoid flight hazards and operate more efficiently.

DTN is continuously working to deliver innovate solutions to our customers who rely on our aviation weather insights to make critical business decisions. The AviationSentry updates are another step toward helping our aviation customers improve flight safety, reduce the risk of aircraft damage, and optimize fuel and operations costs. Learn more about AviationSentry or schedule a free trial today.