Insects that are more Friend than Foe

lacewing close-up on green leaf

The word “insect” equals “pest” in a lot of people’s minds, especially in agriculture. But we have to remember that the insects that attack crops actually represent a small number of all insect species. In fact, a few are here to help us against their annoying cousins. So this week, I want to highlight some insects that are more friend than foe.

The Dangers of Pests in Weeds

Weeds are a nuisance. That’s a given. Obviously, they compete with our crops for sunlight and nutrients. In some cases, they can get nasty, engaging in a form of silent, chemical warfare by spreading toxins meant to inhibit growth and production. And their ability to lie dormant in the seedbed for years before bursting forth makes controlling them a pain. As a result, regular control, year-after-year,

Four things to watch for in wet cornfields

insect insider chewed up corn

With late planting and related issues already likely lowering yields, it’s important to stay on top of later-season issues that could reduce yield further. Here are a few things to watch for in your corn fields.   1. Insects  While the consistent rain and cool weather has been a pain for farms, it’s been a

The Role of Weather—and Weather Forecasting—in Agriculture

corn field

Most people know that the weather has a significant impact on the agriculture industry. Indeed, crops need the basics of moisture, warmth, and sun to thrive. But what’s less obvious is how the details of weather information can drive a grower’s business decisions, helping them to plan efficiently, minimize costs and maximize yields—and profits—as a