Boost Efficiency with Fuel Management Software

Automated fuel management software can yield cost savings while simultaneously streamlining terminal management through custom reporting. The benefits of these fuel management systems include keeping track of fuel transactions with real-time inventory updates.

DTN offers a suite of products to keep your operation streamlined and profitable. Our solutions let you monitor fuel usage at terminals and predictably determine inventory and fuel costs. Reach out for a demo today.


Help for Fuel Sellers

If you are in the fuel industry’s supply line, you have many moving parts to monitor. From rack prices to allocations to invoices, you are juggling it all. If you’re still doing all of this manually, it’s time to change that.

Fuel sellers now have robust fuel management software solutions available to streamline their work. These tools give you tremendous flexibility and confidence as you make the quick decisions that your industry demands.

With the right product, you will enjoy incredible benefits that keep your business on track. As you work more efficiently, your productivity and reputation go up, which usually translates into more revenue.

Real-Time Data

When a truck leaves your terminal with a fuel load, you want to know precisely how much you have left. If terminals in a particular geographic area are unbalanced, you need that information. If a customer is trying to load too much fuel, you have to control it.

With intuitive software for your fuel management, you can do all of that and more. Up-to-the-minute alerts and notifications make sure you know who is doing what, and where it’s happening.

Having real-time data also allows you to follow weather events that may impact your supply chain. If something shifts in the market that triggers a fuel run, you can be ready and make decisions accordingly.

Fuel sellers need real-time rack pricing to ensure they stay competitive. They rely on fresh data to make this happen, so a software product must offer real-time information to be useful.


When choosing a fuel management software solution, be sure to find one that you can customize to your needs. Data is useless if it doesn’t answer your questions or if you can’t access it. Cloud-based options make it easy to dig into your data no matter where you are.

Utilizing products with intuitive, user-friendly dashboards ensures that you have the information that matters to you. Graphs, charts, and alerts set to your parameters give you actionable data that informs your quick decision making.

For allocations, look for software that lets you control which customers can or cannot load at any given terminal. It should also control how much they can load so that you don’t run into supply or credit issues.

A fuel management system should also let you view and authorize individual customers or groups of customers based on the parameters you set. By setting your customized parameters in dollars, gallons, or loads, you will have hyper-efficient control over what they load at your terminals.

Financial Protection

Your credit is key to your success, so you must protect it to stay viable. When you automate allocations and have real-time views of your inventory, you remove many financial risks. You can keep your credit rating stable and avoid dealing with bad debts.

Additionally, your streamlined business will function at a high level so that your customers stay happy. When your buyers are pleased, your bottom line is more secure.

High-quality fuel management solutions also help you stay on top of bills of lading (BOLs). Missing BOLs are extraordinarily costly for businesses. You can take a significant financial hit from:

  • Fines
  • Loss of Income
  • Loss of Man-Hours

Some companies spend up to $10,000 each month trying to recover and reconcile missing bills of lading. With an automated reconciliation solution, you can keep that money in your bank account and free up your staff for other tasks.

Hands on laptop with charts and graphs


Finding the balance between meeting all of your customers’ needs while not having excess fuel in your inventory is challenging. You can’t peak into the future, but high-functioning software will give you the next best thing.

Using algorithms and historical data, the right software solution will help you predict the demand in the coming weeks and months. You not only can make more cost-effective decisions, but you also will empower your staff to tackle other revenue-generating tasks.


Fuel sellers often are shocked to realize how many hours they spend doing repetitive tasks. By automating much of your daily business’s processes, you and your staff can allocate time to more valuable work.

Automation and streamlining help you carve out more time for customer care, staff training, and handling emergencies or surprises that arise. You’ll be able to boost your bottom line without increasing your workload.


Mistakes and bad data cost you significant time and money. From missing invoices to errors in allocation, the costs add up. When you adopt a reliable fuel management automation platform, the costly errors practically disappear.

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Fuel Management Software Solutions That Work

When you have too many balls in the air, it can be challenging to move forward in your business. You have to stay in one place to make sure nothing drops.

Give yourself the freedom of a solution that lets you streamline your fuel selling business while helping you grow your profit. At DTN, we are proud to serve our customers with excellent solutions to their most pressing problems.

Our DTN TABS and DTN TIMS tools provide all the benefits you demand from a fuel management system. From pricing data to bills of lading, we have a product to serve you.

Reach out to see a demo of how DTN products can help you prosper.