Dorian creates power outages, decline in gasoline demand

Dorian creates power outages, decline in gasoline demand

Category 2 Hurricane Dorian knocked out power to more than 200,000 customers in South Carolina and influencing gasoline and diesel liftings and demand as it heads north.

The chart at left summarizes daily lifting volumes for regular gasoline from the five terminals we have been monitoring. There was an increase in liftings of products from terminals at Selma, N.C., but liftings declined in the other terminals. Liftings will resume to more levels in the coming week.

The first five charts show liftings of regular gasoline from two terminals in Orlando and Jacksonville, Fla.; Savannah, Ga.; and Charleston, S.C.

  • Gasoline liftings in the two Florida terminals remain below their pre-storm daily lifting range area. Orlando may have bottomed as lifting increased slightly now that the storm has passed. In addition, wholesale prices are remaining steady.
  • The Savannah and Charleston terminals are showing a decline in liftings, well below their normal daily lifting range as the storm impacts these areas today. Prices remain steady.
  • In the Selma, N.C., terminal there was a modest surge in gasoline liftings for the third straight, remaining well above the normal historical lifting range. Prices remain steady.

The second four charts show lifting of ULSD from Orlando, Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston.

  • Liftings and prices for ULSD  are declining except Orlando, which now seems to be returning to normal.  Prices are steady.

I will continue to monitor.