Gasoline liftings mostly decrease as Dorian swerves away from Florida, Georgia

Dorian, downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane, is moving north and expected to remain offshore as it passes Florida and Georgia and approaches the Carolinas.

DTN expects the storm will not make landfall in the United States at this time. Gasoline and diesel liftings of product from the terminals that DTN is monitoring have started to decline except for Charleston.

The chart at left summarizes the daily lifting volumes for regular gasoline from the four terminals we have been monitoring.

As shown, there is a modest surge in liftings occurring in the Charleston, S.C., terminal now that this location is under evacuations from the coastal area.

The first four charts show liftings of regular gasoline from two terminals in Florida (Orlando and Jacksonville) along with Savannah, Ga. and Charleston.


  • Gasoline liftings in the two Florida terminals continue to decline with both locations back to their pre-storm daily lifting range area. This suggests that residents are seemingly back to their normal daily activity as Dorian is not projected to make landfall in Florida. In addition, wholesale prices are remaining steady.
  • The Savannah terminal is declining for the second day in a row but remains at an above normal lifting level. Prices remain steady today.
  • There was a modest surge of liftings from the Charleston terminal liftings for the second day and is now well above the normal historical lifting range while prices remain steady.

The second four charts show lifting of ULSD from Orlando, Jacksonville, Savannah and Charleston.

  • As shown in all four charts, liftings and prices for ULSD are within the pre-storm daily lifting range – nothing out of the ordinary.  Prices are steady.