Short-term Weather Modeling Available in ArcGIS

Advances in weather modeling in recent years have placed focus on high-resolution, short-term weather forecasts. There are forecasts that cover the following 18-36 hours. The forecasts provide a detailed prediction of hazardous weather threats including mapping future radar imagery over the next 18 hours. WDT has created the ability to serve this data to users

Hurricane Data for GIS Users

With hurricane season once again underway in the Atlantic Basin, we are hoping this season is less active and intense than 2017. Should Mother Nature decide otherwise, WeatherOps is prepared to help and assist. For GIS analysts and developers with assets that could be threatened by a tropical activity, WeatherOps has multiple data streams available

Hi-Res GIS Weather Layers Are Essential to Business and Government

GIS Weather Layer

Today’s marriage of advanced weather information and analytics, along with ever-evolving mapping abilities, produces capabilities once unimaginable. It’s now possible—from the comfort and convenience of any computer or smart device—to “see” golf ball-size hail descending upon on a rural intersection, to identify specific geographic areas under the gun for heavy precipitation, or to determine whether

Adding Credentialed ArcGIS Web Services to ArcGIS Online & Portal

Sometimes in life, you take things you know for granted. You (wrongly) assume that everyone else knows the same things. Maybe your dad was mechanically inclined and taught you how to change your oil. You might think that everyone knows how to change their oil. It’s pretty basic, right? But to some people, the thought