DTN Ag Weather Station

Precise weather conditions for precision agriculture.

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DTN Ag Weather Station, the independent source most trusted for accurate weather forecasts, is an integral part of your daily planning routine. Advise your channel with the industry’s best and most extensive weather data network with over 26,000 weather observation points.

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Help your growers succeed by better understanding the weather that affects them.

Even local generic weather forecasts don’t help you predict what will happen on the ground at your customers’ farms. Predictions meant for the general public don’t offer enough information or the kind of information you need to determine the impact on agricultural fields. A matter of a few miles can make a difference in wind speed and storm tracking. With DTN Ag Weather Station, you’ll have access to hyper-local information at the fields you manage, and more precise predictions to help you manage your operations and advise your producers.

With DTN Ag Weather Station, you’ll have:

  • Actionable Insights – Insight that will help you optimize operations, boost yields, and earn bigger profits.
  • Spray Outlook – Make field spraying decisions that minimize drift and the inversion issues common with today’s chemicals.
  • Risk Forecasts – Clear, color-coded risk forecasts to help you see, at-a-glance, the most favorable conditions and those to avoid.
  • Precise Technology – Track current and historical precipitation, as well as evapotranspiration data with field-level precision.
  • Wind Alerts – A wind monitor with forecast alerts to notify you of wind speeds and direction changes.
  • Precipitation Forecasts – A precipitation timing tool that shows when rain, snow, or ice will start, how strong it will be, and what time it will end for a specific farm.
  • Mobile-Friendly – Mobile interface for around-the-clock data access from wherever you are.
  • Decisions Driven by Data – Comprehensive data supporting optimal precision agricultural decisions.
  • Expert Specialists – Certified, professional technicians to install and maintain your units, ensuring data you can trust and leaving you free to manage your channel.


Give your customers precise information to help them succeed.

With DTN Ag Weather Station on your side, you’ll know exactly what’s happening along your channel at any time, even those fields and producers located many miles away. With expert analysis and comprehensive data, you’ll operate more efficiently and confidently.

Use Ag Weather Station to:

  • Create alerts to respond faster to changing weather and field conditions.
  • Adjust operations to take advantage of opportunities or manage risks as they arise.
  • Save significant resources, time, and money by knowing when to mobilize resources and how to minimize waste and loss.
  • Develop custom field management strategies to optimize yields.
  • You and your growers will be aligned around a common strategy.
  • Optimize the use and placement of resources such as labor, equipment, chemicals, irrigation, and more.
  • Archive historical yield and weather information for specific locations for comparison and analysis.
  • Decrease crop disease risks with better agronomic data.
  • Boost yields by making more informed decisions.


Agribusiness relies on precise information to respond to subtle changes in weather, growing conditions, and the market. According to ForecastWatch.com, DTN Ag Weather Station has delivered the most accurate temperature and precipitation forecasts in the United States for the last ten years. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that the data you are using for your decision-making comes from the industry’s top meteorologists and agriculture analysts, gathered by the largest weather network on the continent. Data doesn’t get any better than this. Try DTN Ag Weather Station for a free trial and see the power of precise data for your precision agriculture needs.

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