Reach your target audience better through accurate data

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FarmFocus enables you to address finely-tuned market segments for personalized, contextual, and timely marketing and sales communications.

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Hyper-targeted & data-driven customer lists

FarmFocus helps eliminate guesswork and simplifies the decision-making process. Build easy-to-access customer lists based on the latest accurate producer data. Better lists mean better ROI.

  • 200+ farm demographics
  • Farm operation details including acreage, crop mix, gross farm income, and more
  • Producer contact information including physical address, phone, and email
  • Maps that visualize the farmer data with the option to overlay profile data
  • Data integration capabilities
  • Access to our digital marketing capabilities (email, ads, social media, and more)
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Power up your communications

Marketing and selling are more effective when you create a personal experience. Know your potential ag clients better than your competitors do.

  • Build your marketing lists more easily by leveraging our robust, current, and finely-tuned producer data.
  • Easy-to-share and user-friendly reports and maps give your team more power in their communications with their target audiences.
  • You have put a lot of work into your customer personas and segments. FarmFocus ensures you can target communications based on your audience strategy.
  • FarmFocus data is easy to use and easy to integrate.
  • Give marketing the information they need to support better business decisions and pipelines.


Grow your business with targeted agri-marketing data and intelligence

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"At ADM Grain, we are better able to plan our work and territories as a result of having solid data to rely on as we work to serve our farmer customers and prospects at a higher level. We find the data to be very reliable. We expect to use this with our other tools and processes to improve territory management, prospecting activities, and business development."

— ADM Customer Testimonial