DTN Grower Profile

Improve relationships with better on-farm data

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Our Grower Profile gives you a data-driven, comprehensive view of your customers’ operations. From physical farm boundaries to crop or livestock mix to historical data, we provide you the information you need to understand better and share strategies that will improve those operations.

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Detailed grower data on one dashboard

FieldVision is a mobile application that provides your sales team with unmatched farm and producer data to help them close more deals.

  • Grower field boundaries linking U.S farmland to the operators and owners
  • More than 200 crop and livestock codes and summaries
  • Seven years of field-level crop rotation data to understand and anticipate on-farm decisions
  • Individual records for groups of prospects and/or your matched customer records
  • Lists of “related growers” that own or co-operate the farm

Easy integration with FarmFocusFieldVision, and your CRM for fully aligned strategy, marketing, and sales efforts

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Better recommendations to drive sales

Grower data is the foundation of any good marketing or sales interaction. Access prospect information, and develop a deep understanding of their operations before you contact them.

  • Power your marketing and sales efforts with all of the grower data you need
  • Confidently reach your target audience more quickly and easily
  • Kickstart new marketing and sales programs based on insightful grower profile data
  • Have more informed and meaningful sales conversations leading to more sales

Your grower customers are more than just a name and address. Use Grower Profile from DTN to gather all of the intelligence and information you need to propose helpful and relevant solutions based on a better understanding of your audience.