DTN Ag Weather Station

Get weather data straight from your fields with DTN Ag Weather Station.

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Harness the power of the industry’s largest, most accurate weather technology network with more than 26,000 weather observation points. Ag Weather Stations aggregate a wide range of weather and field information in real time. Try a free demo today.

DTN Ag Weather Station

Make profitable decisions all season long with detailed, reliable insights from a DTN Ag Weather Station.

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Confidently make decisions with data from your own fields.

Ag Weather Stations give you accurate, reliable data for your exact location to help you make critical decisions that affect your yield and bottom line. Here’s how it works:

  • Precise Forecasts – Know when to apply fertilizer or pesticides with color-coded spray outlook risk forecasts.
  • Field-Level Data – Track current and historical precipitation, as well as evapotranspiration data with field-level precision.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions – Monitor the wind and receive forecast alerts for wind speed and directional changes.
  • Specific Data – Support optimal precision agricultural decisions with specific and aggregated data.
  • Timing Tools – Accurately predict when rain, snow, or ice will start, how strong it will be, and what time it will end for your specific farm with a precipitation timing tool.
  • Customize Alerts – Create custom alerts for faster response to changing weather and field conditions.
  • Mobile Friendly – The mobile interface means the data comes to you, wherever you are.
  • Expert Support – Finely tuned equipment installed and maintained by our professional technicians.


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Know exactly what will happen in your own field at any time.

Ag Weather Stations from DTN are backed by the industry’s most reliable and accurate data and the expertise of professional meteorologists and data analysts.

  • Optimize your operations with actionable insights about the market, the weather, and your current production.
  • Increase your profits by operating efficiently and effectively under changing conditions.
  • Know exactly what’s happening at any time, even for those fields located miles away.
  • You’ll save significant resources, time, and money.
  • Develop custom field management strategies targeted to your climate, soil, weather, and crops.
  • Improve the allocation of resources including labor, equipment, chemicals, irrigation, and more.
  • Track and archive historical yield and weather information for specific locations.
  • Reduce crop disease risks by making better agronomic decisions with more accurate data.
  • Access data from wherever you are using the mobile app. The weather doesn’t work 9-5.


You can’t afford to have thousands of dollars in insect treatment washed away, or to waste gallons of water irrigating only to get rain a few hours later. You need to plan your operations with precise weather conditions to minimize risk and disease and maximize yield and profit.

ForecastWatch.com has named DTN the most accurate temperature and precipitation forecast provider annually for the past ten years. Our data is superior so that your decisions can be superior. As a DTN Weather Station customer, you’ll not only get the best weather information in the industry, but you’ll also have access to the best agricultural meteorologists as well. Together, they deliver the most comprehensive and detailed weather insights and precision agricultural data. The hourly and daily field-level forecasts will change how you see your crops and help you make agile decisions to respond to weather and market changes.

Let our certified technicians install the best weather stations you can buy and see what information you’ve been missing. Your hunches about the weather and crop yields are an essential part of your success. See what happens when you back them up with sophisticated analysis and science. Boost your profits by trying Ag Weather Station today. Start by checking out the free demo.

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