Technical Analysis

Learn how to use technical analysis techniques to limit downside risk without eliminating upside potential when trading in the energy markets. You’ll get an understanding of the most popular and successful techniques in technical analysis, and how they can be applied to your specific business.

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At A Glance

Industry Segment Natural Gas, Oil, Power
Course Level Intermediate to Advanced
CPE Credits 14
DTN Credits 6
Competency Path Certified Energy Trading Professional, Natural Gas, Oil, Power, Trading & Risk Management

What You Will Learn

  • The technical tools and techniques at your disposal to trade and manage the ongoing volatility and the price impact of the various energy markets.
  • A view of the main elements of technical analysis used for instilling trading discipline, quantifying and managing risk, and integration of technicals with fundamental analysis.
  • How to use technical analysis in order to identify high probability, low risk, high reward set-ups in the energy markets.
  • How to define the trend in various trading timeframes.
  • How to combine classical and mathematical technical indicators.
  • Mechanical trading system development: trend-following, counter-trend and combining non-correlated trading systems.
  • How to limit downside risk without eliminating upside potential.
  • Acquiring and enhancing your knowledge of technical analysis through real-world trading and hedging examples using real-time data with a marked-to-market evaluation.

Who Should Attend

This course is applicable to all levels of the energy industry. Individuals whose decisions have significant financial impact will benefit from this program. Managers from areas such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, engineering, supply and distribution, trading risk management, purchasing and financial and accounting will find the course highly beneficial.