DTN Addendum – SPOS

The following additional terms apply to the SPOS service:

  1. Usage of the SPOS service by the Customer’s vessels is allowed only with a valid license of the SPOS service in combination with a SPOS licence for each end-user. The Customer must register each end-user to DTN in writing before the license of SPOS service is valid.
  2. The Customer will perform the installation of SPOS for its licensed end-users and will receive necessary instructions from DTN.
  3. The Customer will notify DTN when a vessel that is receiving the SPOS service is no longer owned or operated by the Customer. Such notice shall be given as soon as reasonably practicable and in any event within 14 days after the change of ownership or operation. Notwithstanding clause 8 of the DTN Terms of Service, the SPOS service in respect of such vessel shall automatically terminate upon receipt of such notice (provided that no pro rata refund or credit of any pre-paid fees shall be made).
  4. Both DTN and the Customer will use reasonable endeavours to keep communication costs for transmission of the SPOS service from DTN to the Customer as low as possible (e.g. no costs via the Internet). The Customer shall be responsible for arranging any communications to individual vessels at its own expense. Where communications costs are incurred by DTN (for example costs for transmission to the office or communication-hub of the Customer or satellite communication costs to the Client’s vessels) the Customer will reimburse DTN those costs immediately on demand.
  5. DTN does not control the E-mail white lists under the Customer’s vessel(s) nor the selected communication channel which the vessel uses to collect the SPOS files. To ensure timely delivery of the requested SPOS files, the vessel’s E-mail system must have the domains properly registered (“white listed”), as listed below. Failure to do so will result in non-delivery of the files from shore to ship by the vessel’s E-mail provider or an invoice from DTN for additional charges in relation to the cost of sending the files to the vessel via the e-mail account of DTN.
    Domains to be whitelisted:
  6. The Customer acknowledges that the SPOS service is not a navigation tool and the master of each vessel remains responsible at all times for its safe navigation.