DTN ProphetX® Commodity Edition

Let Proprietary Data and Easy-to-use Tools Help You Make Better Trades

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DTN ProphetX – Commodity Edition brings together proprietary DTN Cash Grain bids, DTN Layered Maps and ever-changing market data together with advanced analytics and an industry-leading Excel Add-in to give you an advantage over others in your industry.


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What’s New on DTN ProphetX-Commodity Edition

We’re committed to delivering continuous, leading-edge innovation. Check out the latest updates including:

DTN Grain Summary Data: Get access to daily cash grain bids from over 4,200 locations.

New Content: Baltic Exchange, Baker Hughes Rig Count, Euronext COT, Mercaris, International Cash Grains, RIM, CME Data Valuations and Settlements, USDA Vegetables & Pulses, USDA Regions, USDA Livestock data, USDA WASDE, Chemical Data (plastics), RISI (Cardboard/tissue)

Single platform that
delivers data you can trust

Easily identify
trade opportunities

Save time
on research
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Better data and more powerful analytics.

Proprietary Data including:

  • DTN Cash Grain Bids –Daily cash grain bids from over 4,200 locations (current and historical)
  • Average County Basis – Coming soon – search daily cash grain bids by county, USDA regions or miles around Zip code
  • DTN Platinum Weather – leverage historical and daily forecasts


  • DTN ProphetX gives you anytime/anywhere access to critical market information you need

Excel Add-in:

  • DTN ProphetX is the industry-leading Excel Add-in. Export data to upload into your own proprietary models.

Amazing Customer Service:

  • DTN ProphetX has customer success consultants available from Sunday 5 p.m. to Friday 6 p.m. CT
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Efficient viewing, action, and execution.

Flexibility of Data Delivery:

  • Data within DTN ProphetX can be exported to Excel through our PX Excel Add-in
  • DTN ProphetX mid and back-office data integrations uses a variety of methods, including FTP & API, to integrate market data throughout your organization
  • Execute and process orders with an integrated DOM trader or ticket interface

Cost Effective:

  • Historical and forecast weather included in subscriptions
  • Right sized products that give users only the level of access they need at the right cost
  • Many organizations are reviewing their analytical tools and finding ways to cut costs. DTN ProphetX is the best value in the industry without sacrificing LIVE customer service

Disparate Systems:

  • Disparate systems lead to delays and unreliable/unconnected data
  • Finding trade opportunities quickly is key to making better trades
  • DTN ProphetX brings data from a variety of sources together into one solution making it easier to leverage insights from the data

"DTN ProphetX puts everything into one place so it really simplifies the information gathering and decision-making process. It’s a tool I have to have to stay competitive." —Sunshine Mills

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