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Four Things to Expect in a Biden Administration Energy Policy

While it may not be official until December, here are four key things our experts say you could expect in a Biden administration energy policy.

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Blog Header Oil Pumpjack and Refinery
Upstream? Downstream? A Quick Guide to Oil Economics

From filling the car to acting as a source of political tension, oil economics seem to dominate our current world. For millions around the globe, crude oil isn’t simply something they hear about in the news. It is a significant income source.

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Blog Header Oil Refinery
Global Refiners Can’t Escape the COVID-19 Demand Cycle

Crude prices surged higher on Wednesday despite the ongoing uncertainty as to who will ultimately win the U.S. presidential election.

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Blog Header EU Winter Outlook Transportation/Utilities
Access our utilities & transport-focused UK/European winter weather outlook

Discover what to expect this winter in the UK and Europe by replaying our utilities and transport-focused webinar. By better understanding this season’s forecast, you can improve your planning.

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Blog Header Deep Freeze Warning Sign
U.S. 2020-2021 winter weather outlook on-demand webinar

Knowing what conditions to expect is key to winter planning and risk management. Learn what our top forecasters are predicting for the U.S. 2020-2021 winter season.

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Blog Header telecom worker high up
Ensure safe and efficient telecom tower maintenance with weather data

Lightning is a danger to crews, telecom towers, and continuous service. Understand the role weather data can play in helping you protect workers and equipment — before disaster strikes.

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Blog header oil prices fall
Risk-off Trade and Q4 Demand Reality Sinks Oil Prices

U.S. equity indices and global oil prices are tumbling lower this week, while the U.S. dollar and U.S treasuries are rebounding from their recent lows and moving higher. This is classic risk-off behavior.

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Blog Header Candlestick Chart
Learning to Measure and Manage Financial Risks in Trading

Every industry has to learn to manage financial risks. There is no truly immune sector when it comes to protecting profits and minimizing liabilities. But in the stock market, especially, risk management is vital in every transaction.

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