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Top 5 events of 2019 are prelude for 2020 oil market

2019 was an extraordinary year for the oil industry, highlighted by shifting power bases economically, geopolitically and in oil production.

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2019 U.S. propane exports grow 15 percent

U.S. propane exports have grown substantially in the last 10 years and surpassed more than one million barrels per day (bpd) in each of the last six months.

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DTN Six Factors: Looking at the market in a disciplined way

The strength of the Six Factors is that, taken together, they force us to look at the market in a disciplined way. First in a series.

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Is U.S. shale oil production OPEC’s Black Swan?

OPEC says its global market share will drop to 31 percent in 2024 from 37 percent in 2018 and is considering a global draw-down in inventory to boost world crude oil prices.

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More farmers getting online, but not without challenges

A USDA study on computer use on American farms is steadily increasing with 75 percent of farmers online, yet internet speed and reliability remain an issue.

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Black Friday’s “big deal” should not be the weather

The 2019 Black Friday weather forecast should be mostly good news for shoppers and retailers nationwide; weather forecasts point to a decent shopping day.

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Why energy traders need accurate weather forecasts

Weather is the most significant supply and demand driver, and one that energy traders watch closely — especially temperature.

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hands cupping corn kernals
Successful commodity trading requires full visibility of market data

DTN and Mercaris realized the need for access to the new marketplaces of organic farming and food production and established a partnership.

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