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Meet DTN Trainer: Richard Weissman

Richard Weissman is a passionate, experienced trainer who cares deeply about sharing practical information about the trading industry.

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Turbulence Forecasts Helps Pilots Fly Smarter and Safer

New advances in technology, along with sophisticated weather models and algorithms, provide more accurate turbulence forecasts.

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Why Watching Daily Grain Bids is Important

Each market day, the DTN grain bid team talks to elevators, ethanol plants, and scours the internet for real-world cash grain prices.

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Why Agricultural Futures and Options Are Popular

In a world of futures and options, sometimes it can be confusing as to what they are, how to use them and where they differentiate from cash markets.

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DTN Six Factors: Market Coherency is Important

A coherent market can be a powerful driver of prices and of trends for commodity and grain traders.

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To retain employees, provide access to technical training

It is increasingly difficult for oil and gas companies to successfully recruit and retain employees, but offering the right training might just help.

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How the trucking industry adapts to winter weather

Weather-related delays cost the trucking industry almost $3.5 billion annually in lost time, cancellations and schedule changes.

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DTN Six Factors: Price, Probability or Value in Commodity Markets

To understand a commodity market, we have to start with a basic understanding of the two main players involved: the producers and the end users.

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