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Offshore Platforms
Three Benefits of Using Accurate Weather Data to Support Offshore Tenders

As part of offshore tender responses, bidding companies will typically analyze what they can expect the weather to be throughout the year. Based on this data, they’ll establish when in the year they can reasonably expect to do the work.

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foggy snowy highway road
Mild Winter Means Better Forecasts for Road Conditions

Even though this winter didn’t bring the traditional arctic weather, there are still several weeks left for potential hazardous road conditions. In fact, roads in a mild winter can be just as, or even more dangerous.

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aerial shot of traffic with data overlay
Real-time Traffic Data Heralds Big Drop in Gasoline Demand

Real time traffic data suggests travel in America’s largest cities is down over 50% from their historical seasonal norms, which could lead gasoline demand to drop to its lowest in over 20 years.

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March Mid-Month Market Commentary

Our market commentary highlights how commodity prices may hold at long-term support levels while equities and other risk assets may continue to trend lower.

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Meet DTN Trainer: Richard Weissman

Richard Weissman is a passionate, experienced trainer who cares deeply about sharing practical information about the trading industry.

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Turbulence Forecasts Helps Pilots Fly Smarter and Safer

New advances in technology, along with sophisticated weather models and algorithms, provide more accurate turbulence forecasts.

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Why Watching Daily Grain Bids is Important

Each market day, the DTN grain bid team talks to elevators, ethanol plants, and scours the internet for real-world cash grain prices.

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Why Agricultural Futures and Options Are Popular

In a world of futures and options, sometimes it can be confusing as to what they are, how to use them and where they differentiate from cash markets.

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