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Pumpjacks at Sunrise
Much Needed Net Import Narrowing

The first draw to commercial crude stocks in four weeks and the largest draw to commercial crude stocks this year was reported by the EIA on Wednesday. Despite commercial crude stocks still registering 65 million bbls above year-ago levels, prompt month WTI is now on track to close higher on the week.

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Outdoor event
Weather-specific Safety Plans are Critical for Successful Outdoor Events

Hundreds of thousands of outdoor events occur across the world each year, from large music festivals to small-town, little league baseball games. Weather, particularly lightning and severe storms, is a key safety consideration for each of these outdoor events.

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Airplane in sky with Lighting in the background
Weather challenges airport operations year-round

For airport ground operations, every season brings different weather challenges. These adverse conditions can cause problems for ramp safety and operational efficiency.

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Lone Pumpjack Silhouette
Rising Crude Production and COVID Cases Create Headwinds

The EIA’s weekly U.S. crude production estimate rose 500,000 bpd in this week’s report, registering at 11 million bpd. Much of the rise in the EIA’s production estimate this week reflects the return of offshore production following shut-ins during the prior week amid Tropical Storm Cristobal.

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Fuel Truck Delivering Gas
5 Signs Your Rack Pricing Data Isn’t Good Enough

If your livelihood depends on buying or selling fuel, then you know how volatile the market can be. And you understand that access to timely information is crucial for your success. Robust rack pricing data is critical to help you stay on top of price changes and maximizing your profit margin.

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Oil pump with Sunset
Green Shoots Appear in EIA Data

Commercial crude stocks rising for the third consecutive week to new record highs in the week ending June 12 continues to highlight an oversupplied crude market suffering from depressed demand.

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Soybean Field
Why You Need Accurate Forecasts for Your Pesticide Treatment Plan

Pest damage to crops and production can lead to reduced yields and a ruined bottom line. Investing in a procedure that minimizes, controls, or eradicates this damage is critical for any primary producer.  

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Crude Oil Pipelines Refinery
A Much-Needed Crude Price Correction

Last Friday, we pointed out that the weekly EIA data was far from bullish despite the attention given to the reported draw to commercial crude stocks.

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