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Farmers in field with tablet at sunset
What is Insect Insider?

Howdy! Welcome to the Insect Insider: your space for problems, pests, and the rest. I’m Dr. Scott B. Williams and over the next few weeks I and my intern, Levi Collis, will be sharing with you various topics on pest management, field work, and our general experiences this summer. Since this is the first post,

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Impact Forecasting- Lightning
Impact Forecasting: The Future of Weather Companies

Most people think that the key to a successful weather company is providing timely and accurate forecasts. While that’s certainly essential, it’s only part of the equation. Going forward, the success of weather companies requires they do much more than furnish clients with forecasts of precipitation, winds and temperatures. They must also help forecast the

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Discouraging Times for US Wheat Producers

  Wheat Tour DTN Staff Reporter Emily Unglesbee joined tour scouts last week, driving all over Kansas, making meticulous yield estimates and noting the kinds of details that go missing from USDA’s Crop Progress reports. Yes, Kansas wheat yields are expected to be higher this year as few traces of last year’s drought remain. The

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gas pump with text
Re-cap of the Energy Information Administration Short-Term Energy Outlook

EIA Revises Retail Diesel Price Up 10cts 2019, 13cts 2020 World Oil Demand Outpacing Supply in 2019 EIA Hikes Summer Gasoline Price 16cts on Margins, Crude Large US NatGas Injection in April Cut YoY Deficit   Short Term Energy Outlook The Energy Information Administration in its latest Short-term Energy Outlook forecast the U.S. retail diesel

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Hurricane and Tropical Outlook for 2019

June 1 marks the official beginning of Hurricane Season in the Atlantic. While only two hurricanes made landfall in 2018, they were extremely destructive and led to more than $50 billion in damage. Overall, 2018 brought us 15 named storms, eight hurricanes, and two major hurricanes. Among those were Hurricanes Florence (Cat 4) and Michael (Cat

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Close up of a cutworm
How Does Early Pest Detection Increase Yields?

Dr. Scott Williams
From Western Bean Cutworm in Midwestern corn to bollworms in southern cotton, there are proven benefits to catching emerging pest problems early.

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tornado on horizon over plains
The Truth About Tornadoes

When you think of tornadoes, your mind might automatically picture Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz experiencing a devastating storm in rural Kansas. However, tornadoes vary in location as much as they do in size and intensity. For example, yesterday across Oklahoma – in the heart of Tornado Alley – numerous tornadoes were spotted across

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B20 biodiesel pump
US Biodiesel Demand Bleeds Lower on Exemptions

Brian Milne
The biodiesel industry is facing regulatory challenges that are seemingly driving demand downward. That said, there are areas where the biomass-based diesel category continues to grow.

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