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Route Around Weather Risks

DTN Flight Route Alerting is a comprehensive 4D alerting engine that monitors weather for flight planning, pre-flight briefing, flight following, and in-flight updates. The patented solution provides real-time evaluation of multiple flight plans, and continually monitors weather for changing conditions, and is fully customizable to your specific thresholds and alert criteria.

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The future of flight planning starts with weather insights.

Determine if the weather and turbulence will be a factor for your flight earlier and faster than ever before using Flight Route Alerting insights from DTN. We’ve moved beyond simply alerting you to risk, to providing you with insights and flight following technology.

  • Plan routes up to 36 hours in advance.
  • Flights are monitored based on altitude, position, and time for a truly 4D experience.
  • Flight route and up to 25 airports are continually monitored for several weather criteria.
  • Monitor flight plans for aircraft-specific Eddy Dissipation Rate (EDR)-based turbulence, icing, and thunderstorms.
  • Get a complete picture of your flight with our Sigmets, TAFs, METARs, TFRs, Convective Sigmets, Airmets, forecast and observed ceiling and visibility, lightning, storm corridors, radar, volcanic ash, and more.
  • FAA Compliant – All DTN aviation solutions are FAA-compliant and will help you meet FAA guidelines for Enhanced Weather Information Services (EWIS) certification.


Aviation specific insights backed by meteorological expertise.

Flight Route Alerting allows you to plan routes up to 36 hours in advance, giving you the confidence to schedule flights that keep passengers and crew safe, avoid turbulence, and use less fuel.

  • Choose better routes that will avoid inclement weather to get your passengers where they need to go, faster and safer
  • Streamline and automate weather decision support with instant feedback to keep your planes on time.
  • Arm your pilots with real-time weather and route data to improve flight following capabilities.
  • Rest easy knowing your entire flight is continuously monitored by our secure, fully redundant datacenter.
  • Increase confidence of your flight decisions by relying on the expertise of 70 degreed meteorologists.

This advanced offering provides higher resolution, more frequently updated forecasts than possible with other currently available aviation technology.

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