PROBLEM: Don’t Let Weather Catch You Off Guard

Weather surprises can put the safety of your athletes, staff, and event attendees at risk. With sudden changes, the weather can disrupt all of your careful planning. Having to guess and go when it comes to your games or tournaments doesn’t give you the confidence you want to portray to your teams.

In addition to obvious safety concerns, weather uncertainties can cause problems for your bottom line too. You need to protect your investment and that of your clients by employing the best technology possible. It isn’t enough to rely on free forecasts or local news networks to ensure safety from lightning, excessive heat, or other inclement weather. Those forecasts may be based on data from weather stations miles away from your event. You need a higher level of support to provide consistent safety and protection.

SOLUTION: We've Got You Covered

DTN has the most comprehensive sports and recreation weather solutions in the industry. Real-time views, alerts, and on-site meteorologists give you accurate, local, and timely weather insights. With the best lightning detection networks, over 50 actionable alerts, and the industry-leading Wet Bulb Globe Forecasts, we help keep all of your events running smoothly and safely. Our venue-specific data gives you all the information you need to make safe scheduling decisions.

We also offer three levels of professional meteorological support. You can have the equivalent of your own personal weather person to guide your decisions for all of your events. OnCall, MetWatch, and OnSite options give you full coverage for every match, game, and event so you can take the guesswork out of your planning and scheduling.

Our Sports & Recreation Products

WeatherSentry Sports Edition

Fully-customizable for your location and needs, WeatherSentry provides you with the solution you need for inclement weather challenges.

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OnGuard Product Card
OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution

OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution combines WeatherSentry’s patented capabilities to activate audio and visual mass notifications for outdoor safety.

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Meteorology Consulting – Sports & Recreation

DTN meteorology operations centers have over seventy degreed Meteorologists providing 24x7x264 support.

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Protection for your concert or outdoor event is as easy as providing a date and a location. Choose from 1 to 3-day or even 14-day coverage. DTN ensures the safety of ticket-holders, stage crew, talent & assets, anywhere on the planet.

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Weather Stations – Sports & Recreation

Weather Stations integrate seamlessly with WeatherSentry to create a total solution for all your weather-predicting needs.

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