Reduced visibility prediction to decrease crashes, improve traffic management and save lives.

EnvisiCast is a highly accurate fog and reduced visibility prediction system from DTN that helps you stay ahead of weather risks which affect road operations and traffic management.


Advanced prediction of reduced visibility around the clock.

EnvisiCast puts primary focus on future fog and other reduced-visibility events (predictive) versus generalized information from traditional road weather systems or past traffic events (reactive).

  • Based on a combination of affordable Wireless Sensor Nodes (WSNs), an amalgamation of data and highly-accurate numerical weather modeling.
  • Prediction confirmation using L3Harris patented ML Helios® capabilities.
  • Alerts for the prediction of reduced visibility.
    • Prediction of dense fog (less than ¼ mile).
    • Prediction of heavy precipitation, which reduces visibility and deteriorates road conditions.


Improve visibility prediction, reduce crashes, save money and lives.

EnvisiCast supports USDOT FHWA’s vision of zero deaths and serious injuries on the Nation’s roadways. Improved prediction of visibility obstructions can reduce crashes, improve traffic management, save money and, most importantly, save lives.

  • Improved highway safety, traffic flow, and dynamic tolling operations
  • Reliable and accurate Planning tool for Traffic Management Centers, Highway Patrol, and other stakeholders.
  • Low-cost, scalable solution.

You need precise, real-time, ground-specific weather intelligence to make the best decisions to protect roads, crew and community from reduced visibility. You need EnvisiCast.

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