3 Ways DTN Helps ClearPath Weather Users Master Their MDSS

As part of our commitment to ensuring users of Iteris’ web-based maintenance decision support systems (MDSS) are in a position to leverage the systems to their fullest potential, we are pleased to provide several methods of delivering education tools and resources.

Whether you use ClearPath Weather, WebMDSS and/or the MDSS Mobile app to inform and improve your roadway maintenance decisions, Iteris’ team of meteorologists offers three ways to help you master your MDSS of choice.

  1. On-site training

During the fall and early winter, we travel to state department of transportation (DOT) offices across the US to train our largest groups of customers in a group setting.

Our audience ranges from maintenance workers to superintendents to office admins. Our team will spend around three to four hours with a group of customers to ensure they understand the ins and outs of the software and mobile app.

A variety of training techniques are used to maintain interest and help the user gain knowledge from the sessions. Some of these techniques include using training technology to provide interactive quizzes, so the user can visualize winter weather impacts in real time while discussing with peers the best tools and resources to use in order to make the best maintenance decisions with the products available to them. This allows a deeper dive into what can be done before, during and after a storm, along with preparation even before the winter season. We have also had leaders from the DOTs themselves help to demonstrate how they use the software and app, and what works best for them. This discussion-led training style makes for a better class environment, where the group is much more accepting to change and more eager to learn.

  1. Webinars

At times when on-site training is not an option, customers prefer a webinar training session. Webinars involve an Iteris instructor conducting a live demonstration remotely, walking users through step-by-step guidance on how to use the products, while the audience follows along on their personal computer. At the end we allow time for a Q&A session. These type of training webinars can be recorded and watched at a later date, or passed along to a group, as well as individuals who were unable to attend the training session.

  1. Documentation and videos

When new features emerge, we are pleased to provide quick and easily accessible documents that explain any and all major enhancements. These are updated regularly and can be used for a quick answer to a question or to guide users through a feature or process. These are found within the help menu, and are also frequently shared via email for your convenience.

Also available in the help menu is a catalogue of training videos that walk users through the many features of our web-based MDSS. We also include several videos with tips and tricks for how customers can handle and view information on challenging weather scenarios. Each video can be viewed directly from the website and contains a corresponding quiz to test if the user fully understood the information provided. If you are a METAlerts subscriber, which involves receiving text or email alerts to warn you of impending weather, you will find training videos and documentation under the METAlerts menu. Just this year we also added training and how-to videos specific to the MDSS mobile app. These can be found within the mobile app itself.

The Bottom Line

We are always available for any questions to help guide you through your MDSS journey and set you up for success. If you need any guidance from our team, please reach out using the information provided in the Help Menu under Contact Us. We will happily assist you with any questions, concerns or training needs.