DTN Weather Siren Improves Safety for Outdoor Events

OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution combines WeatherSentry’s patented capabilities to activate audio and visual mass notifications for outdoor safety.

MINNEAPOLIS (May 27, 2020) – Dangerous weather conditions can develop quickly and threaten the lives and safety of people enjoying outdoor activities. That is the why DTN is proud to announce the launch of the WeatherSentry OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution. The product provides actionable weather insights and increases warning lead time that takes the “guesswork” out of severe weather safety and evacuation plans.

With public visual and audio-alerting capabilities, the product is supported by a team of meteorologists who can monitor weather in the area in real-time and consult with decision-makers to deliver a timely and clear message, including any threats and specific safety guidelines. Those who have to make the call when a weather situation becomes dangerous enough to evacuate the area, continue the game, or keep working outside, can have ultimate confidence in their weather safety decision.

“We’re proud to bring this solution to our customers,” said Michael Eilts, DTN senior vice president – weather. “Thunderstorms and lightning can occur with little warning and may catch coaches, fans, event organizers and more off guard. The WeatherSentry OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution exemplifies our expertise in weather data and hyperlocal forecasts to keep our customers fully aware of possible hazards and keep the public safe during outdoor activities.”

Combined with WeatherSentry, the OnGuard system offers a comprehensive alerting system. Timely, accurate and easy to understand information is delivered to decision-makers via customized alerts. The siren alerting system delivers audio and visual mass notification when severe weather is approaching, with multi-directional sirens and a dual color, omni-directional beacon. Meteorologists are also available to provide valuable insight and consultation during the event.

Meeting the regulatory, safety and athletic sanctioning body rules and guidelines, the product provides peace of mind when it comes to outdoor event safety for spectators, players and outdoor crew members.