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Fuel buyers today need real-time price information more now than ever before.

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Stay ahead of the competition with DTN Fuel Buyer.

Fuel prices often change multiple times each day due to the varying supply of fuel products, changes to supplier policies and rules governing rack prices, operating status of terminals, and other factors. Those who don’t have the latest information are falling behind the competition – and those that do are positioned well to beat their competition to the punch and make more money.

  • DTN Fuel Buyer provides real-time updates on market conditions, pricing, and much more. You can quickly evaluate contracts, supplier prices, outages, resupply and allocation messaging, rack and spot prices, futures market information, and market-impacting weather from one screen.
  • It summarizes the latest news headlines from the crude oil and refined fuels industry, focusing particularly on refinery outages, pipeline problems, or other market-moving events that can erode your profit margins. Real-time NYMEX feeds from DTN QuotesOnline® are also available to help you monitor futures quotes tick by tick, and you get access to additional price analytical tools and interactive charts.
  • Content can be tailored specifically to meet your particular needs, from filtered supplier price messaging to DTN FastRacks® price discovery by market city and spot market tickers that trace gasoline and heating oil at all U.S. refined fuels spot markets.
  • It can calculate optimal purchases for you based on the factors you set. Buying options include product, quantity, price, freight, surcharges, and more. DTN Fuel Buyer then sorts prices based on where the “best” rack really is, even factoring in the cost of transportation. All you need to do is evaluate the results on your screen, automatically listed from the lowest to highest price options, and take action.
  • You can view, analyze, manage, and export prices in your business terms. This enables you to capture all your supplier prices and intra-day moves, identify price changes and exceptions, and automate the generation of derived prices to support contracts and other special prices. Exports can be integrated seamlessly into your back office, saving manual entry and reconciliation time.


Profit from your decisions.

DTN Fuel Buyer gives you the edge you need in today’s market providing real-time updates on market conditions, pricing, and much more in one easy-to-use, customizable browser interface.

  • Fuel marketers generally consider DTN Fuel Buyer to be the most sophisticated provider of superior market information and actionable insights.
  • DTN Fuel Buyer delivers the data, analysis, and market intelligence you need to monitor the market and make profitable decisions at any time.
  • It also supplements all the data with the latest news headlines on market-moving events from the industry and analysis of what it all means for your business.
  • You can set price alerts that will notify you via mobile phone, email, or audible alarms so you can respond more quickly to price changes.
  • DTN Fuel Buyer provide you access to everything you need to make the best decisions quickly without having to search two or three other sources.

Put it all together, and there’s a reason why fuel marketers generally consider DTN Fuel Buyer to be the most sophisticated provider of superior market information and actionable insights.

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