DTN ProphetX®

Firewall Configuration

Establishing a DTN ProphetX® Connection with a Firewall

When you use DTN ProphetX to connect to our Quote Servers over the Internet, certain IP ports are required to establish the connection. If you use a firewall to connect to the Internet, it must be configured such that the following outbound IP ports are not blocked.

IP Address and Port Overview

Purpose DNS Server Names IP Address Firewall Ports
Initial primary TCP
connection to
ProphetX server
ports 1-8
ProphetX1.DTN.COM through
and through
20001 – 20008
Support of Port 80 ProphetX.DTN.COM

Port 80 – HTTP

***To test these ports use the link below:

For full product functionality, the following addresses/ports also need to be accessible from your computer/network.

Purpose DNS Server Names IP Address Firewall Ports
DTN ProphetX
Symbol Searches
via Web Services
DTN ProphetX client must be able to access:
Port 80 – HTTP

If you need assistance with making this change, please call 1-800-532-0136 or contact your ProphetX Account Manager directly.

ProphetX Web Services (effective June 2013)

DNS Server Names IP Address Firewall Ports
80 (HTTP) and 443 (SSL)
PxWeb.dtn.com (new)
80 (HTTP) and 443 (SSL)