How Destination Cities Can Get Ahead Of Tourist Traffic

Millions of international and domestic tourists descend upon cities and counties throughout the United States each year, from visiting historic landmarks and natural wonders to taking a quick city break or a ski trip. And whether it happens seasonally or year round, this influx of people can be extremely taxing on your roads, especially if there is weather occurring.

Winter impacts

In the winter months, a higher amount of traffic over a roadway, mixed with the presence of snow and ice, can create snow compaction, which can make for extremely messy conditions for residents, the traveling public and maintenance personnel alike.

Using a Maintenance Decision Support System (MDSS) to understand precisely how traffic will impact your roads can tell you when and where you’ll need to provide maintenance to your roads up to 48 hours in advance.

Summer conditions

In the summer, strong-to-severe weather can impact your city or county’s activities, including everything from baseball games, music festivals and road maintenance work. Knowing when and where to look for future thunderstorms can give you the edge on getting ahead of any approaching storms. An MDSS can provide up-to-the-minute lightning updates, which could ultimately protect yourself, your crew and the traveling public from the effects of summertime weather.

At Iteris, we are connecting with destination cities and counties around the country to provide them with a 24/7, year-round MDSS service. We are proud to have provided cities like Virginia Beach, VA and Osage Beach, MO, which see large amounts of tourism-related traffic throughout the year, with accurate weather and pavement forecasts for their tourist city.