Introducing a Data-Driven Temperature Correction Index

DTN, a leading information services company, has introduced, the Temperature Correction Index (TCI), a new solution for fuel buyers and sellers. The TCI uses actual temperature data at lifting to help buyers and sellers accurately account for the impact of product temperature shifts, reducing price risk.

With the refined fuels industry’s high market volatility and slim margins, it’s critical to have the most timely, accurate information and automation systems in place. The TCI offers precise information to assist with pricing and purchase decisions, drive efficiencies, and help manage margins.

“For many years, buyers and sellers relied on estimates and model data to determine how product temperature might affect volumes and margins. Variances between estimates and actual temperatures were seen as unavoidable costs of doing business. The TCI changes that,” said Paul Melgaard, senior vice president of energy at DTN. “Our TCI provides straight-forward access to the best, most accurate temperature data available at a terminal. It replaces complicated formulas and imprecise approaches for calculating temperature corrections.”

TCI users can be confident in the temperature of the specific product they are buying or selling at an individual terminal. To help them better spot trends, they can also access up to three years of historical data. Further, they can import TCI data into their operational and tax audit software.

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