Meet a Met: Maggie Christopher

Maggie Christopher


DTN Aviation Meteorologist

Valparaiso University – Bachelors in Meteorology

Started with DTN for just over 3 years ago

What is your favorite part about being in MetOps?

Being able to use my degree, but also being an aviation meteorologist, which was my goal since junior year of college.

What’s the most challenging part of being in MetOps?

Moving around your sleep schedule when you have days off/PTO, especially as an all overnight worker.

What has been your most exciting day on the job?

Forecasting for Hurricane Harvey. Even though it was stressful, it was really exciting to know you were directly helping people with your forecast.

What’s a weather myth you always correct people on?

When people think tornadoes can’t happen in cities! I’m from Chicago, so people seem to think tornadoes can’t happen there all the time. I still find myself correcting family members about that one.

Any weather facts you’d like to share?

The Washington, IL tornado (November 17, 2013) was an EF-4 and is the strongest tornado on record for IL in the month of November since 1950. (Washington, IL was one of the first tornadoes I experienced as a college student, I volunteered to help with clean up in Washington spring of my junior year just a few months after it happened) 

Alright, now a fun fact about yourself!

My biggest hobby is creative writing, it was actually my minor in college. I’ve always wanted to write a Young Adult or Children’s novel, and would eventually love to write one about weather! I’m also a really big Chicago Blackhawks fan ?