PROBLEM: Lightning and Wind Dangers

The majority of wind farms around the world are located in lightning-prone areas, looming hundreds of feet above flat, usually barren, terrain making them highly vulnerable to severe weather. Beyond causing costly downtime, extreme weather events pose a deadly threat to crews working within the nacelle and in the immediate vicinity of towers.

SOLUTION: Optimize Operations and Protect Crews

To mitigate these risks, wind farm operators turn to advanced weather tools to warn them of the approach of the two most dangerous types of weather events - lightning and high winds. Get real-time lightning alerts sent directly to your technicians. Inspect and repair blades before lightning damage leads to more costly repair or replacement. Plan maintenance accordingly with hub height wind forecasts.

Our Renewable Energy Products

WeatherSentry Wind Edition

WeatherSentry Wind Edition is a complete weather solution for Wind Farms that alerts you to approaching storms.

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Blade Inspection

Avoid more expensive repair or blade replacement by identifying the turbines that need immediate inspection with the help of DTN’s Blade Inspection Service.

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Hub Height Winds

Wind farm managers operate at peak efficiency when DTN issues hub height wind forecasts at the turbine-level to see wind speed, wind direction, and gusts.

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Meteorology Consulting – Renewable Energy

DTN meteorology operations centers have over seventy degreed Meteorologists providing 24x7x264 support.

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