PROBLEM: Lightning and Wind Dangers

Most wind farms are located in lightning-prone areas to capture the most energy and activity. Wind turbines loom hundreds of feet above flat terrain or water, making them highly vulnerable to severe weather. As you know, lightning will strike the highest point around, which will be one of your blades. And the adage about lightning never strikes the same place twice? You only wish that were true. The same turbine, even the same blade, can be hit more than once, causing costly downtime and repairs.

Sometimes you aren’t even aware a strike has occurred, as the damage may be subtle at first. But the continued operation of a turbine with a cracked or chipped blade, or off-center calibration can not only affect its output, but it will also wear down the engine and lead to more costly repairs later.

No one wants to be in the vicinity of the towers -- let alone on them -- when severe weather strikes. As a wind farm manager, you want to keep your crews safe and schedule repairs when they are most needed as well as safe to complete.

SOLUTION: Optimize Operations and Protect Crews

You can’t control the weather, but you can predict it with advanced meteorological forecasting tools from DTN. Our suite of Wind Solutions products puts the industry’s leading meteorologists and analysts and the most accurate and reliable forecasts at your fingertips.

You won’t have to rely on generic forecasts meant for consumers. Our network of weather stations -- the largest in the nation -- will deliver precise conditions for your specific locations. What’s more, our weather forecasts deliver wind speeds at hub height and blade height, for accurate impact assessments.

The advanced weather tools from DTN warn wind farmers of the approach of the two most dangerous types of weather events for their operations: lightning and high winds. The warning gives you time to alert crews and get people away from the nacelles and towers. As storms occur, your technicians will receive real-time lightning alerts directly on their mobile devices. Access to information allows you to prioritize resources and perform inspections quickly after an event occurs.

With Wind Solutions from DTN, you’ll be more in control of your operations. Advanced planning, skillful adjustments, and preemptive repairs save you the cost and hassle of major expenses down the line. Our suite of products will make your wind farm operate more efficiently, sustainably, and profitably.

Our Renewable Energy Products

WeatherSentry® Wind Edition

WeatherSentry Wind Edition is a complete weather solution for Wind Farms that alerts you to approaching storms.

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Blade Inspection

Avoid more expensive repair or blade replacement by identifying the turbines that need immediate inspection with the help of DTN’s Blade Inspection Service.

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Hub Height Winds

Wind farm managers operate at peak efficiency when DTN issues hub height wind forecasts at the turbine-level to see wind speed, wind direction, and gusts.

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Meteorology Consulting – Renewable Energy

DTN meteorology operations centers have over seventy degreed Meteorologists providing 24x7x264 support.

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With actionable insights that inform your daily operational questions, DTN helps your wind farm operate safely and efficiently. Keep technicians safe from lightning strikes and improved maintenance planning. Optimize inspections and repairs. DTN helps you deliver the future of energy.

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