Weather Stations - Sports & Recreation

Keep Athletes and Spectators Safe with Hyper-Local Weather Insights

You’ll never again have to agonize over whether you need to cancel or delay an event. The DTN Weather Stations provide venue-specific data to guide your planning and decision making. Access instant hyper-local weather data and forecasts, so you can make informed scheduling decisions keeping your teams and attendees safe.


Weather Stations integrate seamlessly with WeatherSentry, creating a total solution for all of your weather-predicting needs.

Strategically positioned around your venue, DTN weather stations gather hyper-local insights that can be used to assess current weather conditions, create forecasts for upcoming weather, and even trigger alerts. The Weather Station integrate with WeatherSentry perfectly for maximum weather predictability. Whether you are concerned about lightning strikes, excessive heat, or an incoming storm, the Weather Station will give you all of the precise data you need for your location.

  • Integration – Weather Station data integrates into WeatherSentry solutions for the most accurate real-time data and decision support.
  • Instantaneous Readings – Weather Station readings are real-time and immediate.
  • Exact Location Information – Provides exact event and field data for making safer and smarter decisions.
  • Actionable Alerts – Receive timely alerts of incoming weather events.
  • Mobile Friendly – Works on mobile devices making it easy for you to stay informed on-the-go.


DTN Weather Stations help protect your players, your patrons, and your bottom line.

Weather-related delays and cancellations create headaches for everyone involved. It can be frustrating to cancel based on a local news forecast only to discover it was incorrect. You can eliminate those frustrating situations when you combine the Weather Station with WeatherSentry. The system detects lightning, approaching storms, severe heat conditions, and more. You can view your data in an easy-to-read display on your mobile or desktop device.

  • You’ll know exactly when to schedule events, practices, and games.
  • Confidently communicate with coaches, athletes, and attendees regarding any need to delay, cancel, or reschedule due to weather.
  • You’ll receive accurate weather forecasts based on the location of your weather stations.
  • Be certain of decisions by knowing the local weather conditions for your specific venue.
  • Optimize your operations by setting alerts and responses to weather events that will impact players, spectators, and staff.

Weather Station Frequently Asked Questions

News station and online weather observations and forecasts typically come from the nearest reporting station. This location may be several miles away from your venue. Since weather events can occur at different times within various parts of the same town, general forecasts do not give you the most accurate information that you need to make decisions for your event.

Having a Weather Station on-site provides the most accurate and timely weather information possible. The real-time data is specific to your site.

Nothing ruins an outdoor event more quickly than bad weather. Cancellations and delays are not only bad for morale, but they can also do serious damage to your bottom line as the coordinator. Weather Stations give you access to instant, real-time weather data for your exact location. This data allows you to make safe and confident decisions about whether it’s best to sit this one out, or if it’s game on.

If you’re tired of playing the weather guessing game with your events, request a free demo today. You’ll never want to go back to life without the Weather Stations.

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