PROBLEM: Power Challenges

A cursory analysis of the weather over the past decade shows increased climate volatility across the earth. Extreme temperatures, superstorms, violent winds, and the weight of snow and ice can all affect your equipment and operations. Heat waves and cold snaps can stress your loads and create costly outages. At the same time, unmeasured responses to the weather can lead to power over-production and costly waste.

Making decisions when the weather wreaks havoc on the power grids isn’t easy. Utility companies are under pressure from their customers, regulatory agencies, politicians, and the media to manage outages quickly, if not prevent them altogether. Weather will always be a factor in your operations and profitability, and if the past decade is any indication, the volatility and extreme weather will most likely continue.

You can’t afford to be blindsided by weather changes that affect your operations and profits. Being ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way is more than an operational goal. It’s a necessity.

SOLUTION: Ready to Weather the Storm

You can’t control the weather. However, you can control your responses to it with powerful meteorological forecasting tools and predictive models from DTN.

We have a full suite of products designed specifically to meet the needs of your utility. You need accurate, reliable, up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and analytical tools that drive decision-making. Our forecasts are the most accurate and detailed that you will find. Better data means better decisions, which leads to decreased risks and increased profits.

DTN offers WeatherSentry, Storm Impact Analytics, GIS solutions with ESRI Map Services, Web Services, Risk Indices and access to professional meteorologists. We give you the power to anticipate weather threats and outages, accurately predict load and plan generation, and optimize your network management.

Our Utilities Products

WeatherSentry Utility Edition

WeatherSentry Utility Edition helps you better predict when and where severe weather will affect your service territory. Get a free trial today.

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Energy Event Index (EEI)

Add an Energy Event Index (EEI) threat risk forecast to improve internal communication of weather risk. Learn more today.

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Storm Impact Analytics

An accurate forecast alone isn’t enough to support a strategic storm response. Storm Impact Analytics provides machine learning to your Utility operations.

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Asset Inspection

Identify and proactively inspect substations and other infrastructure that may have been struck by lightning with Asset Inspection reports by DTN.

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Meteorological Consulting – Utilities

DTN meteorologists will ensure you’re equipped with the confidence and information you need and help you make more informed decisions to better protect your crews, assets, and bottom line.

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Weather Stations

Weather Stations allow energy professionals to fill in the gaps for locations not currently served by a local weather station.

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WeatherSentry Energy Edition

WeatherSentry Energy Edition software from DTN to forecast load changes earlier and smarter than ever before. Start a free trial today.

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Web Services

DTN Web Services integrates seamlessly into the organizational applications and programs you already use to provide high-performance delivery of GIS-based weather information.

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DTN's WeatherOps complete GIS offering is available via ESRI Map Services served from our ArcGIS Server infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services. Call Now!

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