DTN Launches DTN Instant Market to Provide Quick Access to Critical Market Information

Newest DTN product provides web-based access and premiere market data to companies participating in the energy and agricultural supply chains.

DTN, a leading information services company, announced today the launch of its newest product for participants in the energy and agricultural supply chains, DTN Instant Market. This new solution is designed to provide the high-level market view companies need to be more successful with their market-based decisions and operations.

DTN Instant Market offers visibility to exchange data, content and index providers, commodity cash prices, market moving news, and company proprietary data. This critical data is a must for executives, marketers, merchandisers, accountants, logistics, business analysts, and others within organizations who need high-level market awareness. DTN Instant Market is cloud-based and available worldwide via web browsers and mobile apps.

“We recognize individuals throughout organizations need views and understanding of market prices and information, but are overserved by more complex market data platforms. That’s why we are excited to bring DTN Instant Market to the energy and agricultural supply chains,” said Sara Hordinski, senior vice president of financial analytics at DTN. “This tool enables those professionals to get the market insight and information they need quickly and accurately.”

DTN is well-known for providing the most powerful commodity market information and analysis available to companies. The launch of DTN Instant Market underscores the company’s commitment to serving users throughout organizations, regardless of their role, with real-time understanding of key markets.

For our customers who need in-depth analysis, proprietary industry news, and sophisticated charting options, DTN offers ProphetX, a tool designed to equip active commodity and energy traders to make profitable trading decisions.